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  • Running MS Dashboard for Insignia help
    Hi everyone. I'm after a little help. I'm running XBMC4Gamers as my default dash on my V1.1 Hard modded Xbox but I'm wanting to load into a stock MS dashboard for insignia purposes. I've downloaded an MS dashboard from the internet but when I run it from file explorer I get a service error screen and I have to shut down to then reboot back to normal. When I navigate to the evodash.xmb in file manager and run that it boots into the unleashed dashboard with no issues so 'm thinking this is the method to use. Am I doing something wrong when trying to use the MS...
  • Noob needs help dealing with Duo X2 chipped 1.6(b?) console
    Howdy. 8 years ago I bought my OG xbox and tinkered with it a bit - but never really found the time to really delve into it. I was confused by how it would boot differently with the power and eject buttons, I think I had attempted to softmod it before I realised it had a modchip installed and that was why it was doing different things with the different front buttons. I think at the time it might have booted with both buttons but I can't fully remember as it was so long ago. Cut forward to 2024 and I finally had some time to look into it so am trying to get help with the various issues...
  • Two boxes, one system
    Hello all you smart people. I am a idiot who recently purchased a pre-modded Xbox without knowing anything of this community. The 1.4 Xbox has a Aladdin chip, Cerbios, XBMC4Gamers and a 3tb HDD. Unfortunately, Fedex rough housed the thing on it's way and it showed up with the back corner of the case cracked. I plugged it into my modern TV using a funky HDMI adapter, flipped the video from 720p to 4:3 NTSC, turned the box off and plugged it into my CRT using a 3rd party cable. Setup insignia, updated Halo 2, played 2 rounds, temps were reported as less than 65c, 40c at idle. I...
  • 1.0 Xbox controller ports not working
    I am having some issues with a system I am working on hardmodding, and I'd like to save the system if possible. The issue: I have a 1.0 OG Xbox console where the controllers do not work History of this project: This console started off as a non-working console on Ebay that had never been opened. It had hard drive issues so would give an error code 8 on boot. I was able to install an aladdin mod chip, and throw in a new formatted drive an boot into xblast and gentoox to try to flash cerbios. Xblast did not recognize the mod chip, so I tried gentoox also. My controllers do...
  • Replacement XBMC4Gamers splash/start-up screen
    Hey everyone! Figured I'd share a replacement for the XBMC4Gamers start-up screen I made. I love the dashboard but didn't feel it fit with the Xbox's design language. I've found that if you're running the 'night' theme like me, you'll need to find and replace the "night.png" image at C:\skins\Profile Skin\extras\themes\splashes\night.png, this took me forever to find lol. Enjoy!
  • Game (Jade Empire) not launching from XBMC4Gamers but will launch from UIX Dashboard.
    I have a hardmodded Xbox 1.4 with an openXenium chip and Cerbios UDMA6. I store all my games on my hdd as extracted ISO's. Jade Empire will not launch/load from XBMC4Gamers. I have a hard drive activity light and when I launch the game it flashes like normal and then just stops and the screen is black. I have tried fTP'ing a new game folder over and deleting all the data from the game off the hdd. I can only get it to launch from the UIX dashboard. Any ideas?
  • Looking for communicator.
    In search of a communicator in the USA.
  • Xbox Video Chat
    Just in case you didn’t know this existed… works great and is functional on Insignia!! https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:EyeToy_Mod_Guide I reprogrammed my eeprom (on camera) so that I didn’t need to modify the chat app
  • Script for learning a HDD key without formatting it!!!
    Come on people its been more than 25 years. I am tring to recover a game save on hdd without the key. I just bought a usbadapter that came in today. no problem. I then went to download something to view the unique file structure. I had to pay $25! Now it turns out that I still need the HDD key. I tried both the generic ones for Western Digital and Seagate with no success. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I HAVE TO MAKE AN ENTIRE PROGRAM JUST TO UNLOCK MY HARD DRIVE AND KEEP MY GAME SAVES. ARRRRGGGHHH. YOU NERDS USED TO BE ON POINT. Whatever dude.
  • Sonic CD (Retro Engine v3) Xbox Homebrew Port
    Hello, it's me again, now bringing the port of Sonic CD to the Original Xbox. For it to work, you need to place the game assets in the same folder as the .xbe. There is more information on the github page. The next Retro Engine ports (v4 and v5) should take a little longer to come out, as I need to rest a little and focus on other points in my personal life, but I promise it won't take long to return with the ports. https://github.com/danielgpinheiro/RSDKv3-xbox
  • Xbox 1.0 Boots 3x then Red and Orange flashing lights, can it be saved?
    I recently acquired this Xbox with a 1.0 board and wanted to try and repair it. After opening it up and cleaning it, I noticed the clock cap hanging on by a thread so I plucked that off. I haven't done anything else to the console and the previous owner doesn't know if it was soft or hard modded. I still get the same error from when I first got it which is described in the title. Below I will attach some photos to show off the condition of the motherboard. Thanks in advance for the help!
  • Is anyone else having problems downloading from OGXBox?
    Was trying to download the "HDD fix for games.7z 1.0.0" off of the downloads section on this site and it bounces between 90 and 100 kbps every tenth of a MB and then after about 85% is downloaded I keep getting a "Couldn't download network issue". Tried it 3-4 times now, varying times of day and it always ends up the same. Tried to resume download after it happens and it immediately times out and says "couldn't download - no permissions". I'm able to download larger files from other sites just fine. I know there is a 2 downloads per day restriction on this site which may cause the second...
  • Sonic Nexus (Retro Engine v1) Xbox Homebrew Port
    When I thought about the idea of starting ports for the Original Xbox, I had (and still have) the desire to port the decompilation of Sonic Mania (RSDKv5), but I saw that this would require an experience in ports that I don't have (yet). So I decided to go in baby steps, to gain experience, so I studied and made my first port for the Xbox, Celeste Classic (https://github.com/danielgpinheiro/ccleste-xbox) After this port done, where I learned a lot, I'm starting a series of Retro Engine ports, which will start from version 1 (which runs Sonic Nexus),...
  • DVD drive Activity and Ready lights
    From left to right: DVD Ready, DVD Activity, HDD activity, LAN activity. The DVD activity light is separated from the HDD activity light and DVD Ready light is present. How was this done? I know about the HDD activity signal, but that is handled on the right of this little custom housing. The left two LEDs are the ones I am wondering about. I assume it involves tapping onto the DVD ROM drive PCB. @KaosEngineer
  • "The Easy XDK Installer"
    >The Easy XDK Installer V1.2.2< Collaboration between SweetDarkDestiny & Bowlsnapper ------------------------------------------------------------- This is an easy way to turn your retail console into a debug kit. There are two main options: 1. Install the XDK dashboard as an "app", meaning that you will have the option to load the dash as an app which will be marked "XDK Launcher" in your apps list. This will boot the dash by booting a Debug version of Cerbios through PBL, which forces the load of the XDK dashboard. 2 "Standalone mode"...
  • 1.266-1.42 GHz CPU and 128 MB RAM 2 TB Upgraded Original Xbox v1.0
    I have this listed on ebay for $850 but would sell on Paypal or Venmo for $750 since I wouldn't have to pay fees. The CPU is upgraded to a 1.26 GHz Tualatin, but it overclocks to 1.42 GHz without issue. See ebay listing here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/335333381339
  • Doom Resurrection (2009) rips for port?
    Can someone rip the resources from the iOS game Doom Resurrection for me? I would like to do a port of it for the OG Xbox. From scratch and improved.
  • Size Does Matter
    I have a couple of extra 500GB HDs laying around and wanted to upgrade the XBOX HD. I have the SATA to IDE adapters and the 80 wire cable, but since I would like to put some XBOX games and emulators on there, I'm trying to minimize the file space taken up by XBOX games. When it comes to maximizing storage efficiency of XBOX games I have a couple of questions: 1) In researching this topic i have heard of a bunch of terms (ISO, XISO, redump, CCI, xiso redump, (HDD ready - is HDD ready a particular format or is it a generic term for games that can be played from the hard drive), other...
  • Can large cluster size affect HDD speed on the XBox?
    My Xbox is running a 160 GB IDE from 2007 or something. I needed to ask this about 3 years ago, I used Crunchbite's (on Homebrew Discord) 8 GB Etcher image to prepare the new drive then iirc I used the XBox Formatter to make the partitions (which automatically set the cluster size to 16 KB) then I copied all the C:\ drive content from the original 8 GB HDD via FatXPlorer and also transferred some games and homebrew. And at that time when I was using the stock HDD my Xbox was giving me constant 10-11 mb/s on my diy crossover cable connection to my laptop. After I put that new...
  • Open Xenium getting hot
    Is the cpld supposed to get hot to the point you can burn yourself I don't feel temperature but my finger tips almost went numb touching it which ever happens with my other Xenium
  • Unmodded xbox with dead HDD
    I have an unmodded japanese xbox (rev 1.0) with a dead HDD. I also have a working HDD from a USA xbox (rev 1.6) that has a softmod on it. If I extract the eeprom from the xbox with the dead HDD, can I use fatxplorer 3 to unlock the working softmodded HDD, then relock it with the extracted HDD password from the eeprom? Or would the xbox not read the new HDD because the model and serial numbers don't match the original eeprom? I've found one tutorial on how to setup the new HDD with the extracted eeprom but that tutorial uses a spare xbox and will format/clear the new HDD, which I do not...
  • Crimson Skies - BFM - Black Screen
    I've been trying some CCI games with BFM Cerbios and Crimson Skies only boots to a black screen. However, if I disconnect the ethernet cable, it loads the loading screen, but freezes as well, just gets a tad bit further. I've tested on 3 different xbox's, all v1.6. Two are fresh BFM softmods, another has Dashloader BFM. I've only tested a handful of games so far, but Crimson is the only one that has issues. I've changed language in the MS Dash, reset, changed back to English. The dashloader xbox has the v1.6 xtf fonts, K.1.0.5838.1.xtf, renamed to xbox.xtf. I've disabled...
  • Softmodded a series of XBox OGs but issue with v1.6 and dualboot not working
    I softmodded a series of XBox OGs in a marathon week but discovered an issue with model v1.6 and dualboot not working. All versions below seemed to work ok. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks
  • Xbox Content Archive Tool v1.00
    XCAT v1.00 is now out and just waiting for you to start archiving your lost Xbox Live content and updates. I could do a whole writeup but why would I when it's all covered on Consolemods and RetroRGB. https://www.retrorgb.com/xcat-a-huge-win-for-xbox-preservation.html https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:XCAT We have a support channel on the Xbox Scene discord where you can ask you have any questions or list any concerns. https://discord.gg/xbox-scene Download is available on Digiex.net or Xbins. Please check out the Unarchived DLC/TU list to see the simple list of...
  • OGXbox Cerbios Installation Issues
    So, I got a modded Xbox off of a friend a few years back. It's been collecting dust on a shelf while i was modding 360s and messing with other things. Some console info: Motherboard Revision: 1.0 Kernel Version: 1.0.3944.1 TSOP Chip: ST-M29F080A In January i decided to play around with it and upgraded its mod with Rocky5s Softmodding Tool, although i had to use the Hardmod method show in MrMario2011s guide. I decided I want to hardmod the system and TSOP Flash rather than run the softmod. While digging through the file explorer on XBMC i found...



















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