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  • 2TB Origins - works on 1.0 but fails on 1.6
    The 2TB disk works fine, including all games, on my v1.0 console. I installed it in a v1.6 console with an Aladdin chip/Evox F&G bios but it does not load all the games. The files are there, confirmed via File Explorer and FlashFXP, but the games will not start. It loads some games but not all. It will go back to the startup menu. Very strange. Any recommendations?
  • Playing Xbox thanks to @MadMartigan
    Being busy, lazy, and a procrastinator I was looking to buy an already modded Xbox this year. Asked around on reddit and MadMartigan saw my post, offered to sell me one. Agreed on a very fair price by my estimation, he kept me informed regarding shipping times as he was waiting for parts and I got my new/old xbox in good time. Console was nicely packaged, in great condition and then I just looked at it for a month lol. Finally fired it up, and I'm paralyzed with indecision! 700+ xbox games, loaded with thousands more roms for emulators, I've got more games than I could play in a...
  • OG xbox wont boot up Mod
    Hello recently found my old modded oG xbox, dont know what kind of mod it is. Iknow it had Evolution.x(xbmc). So when i click the power button it sounds like it wants to boot up but shuts off. when i click the eject button the xbox turns on goes right to clock setting and it allows me to play disc games on it, i tried a couple discs and the games loaded up fine, however not downloaded games/emulators on hard drive. When i look in the memory i can see saved files of xbox games that are saved on the drive. Took it apart and see there is a blue chip installed, labeled (duo x2). And its...
  • XBOXHD+ Error: The Xbox app must be installed in c:\xboxhd
    Hi there, Just upgraded my xbox HDD with a MakeMHZ XboxHD+ from a 320GB old IDE HDD with a 2TB SATA HDD (using a StarTech with partition F: 1TB and G: 900mb) and it is working fine. I created the new disk using the OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.5 For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM (24 12 2022) with fatxplorer and it worked! My problem is the XBOXHD+ software, it is placed on the root of C but when started i get the error msg: "XBOXHD+ Error: The Xbox app must be installed in c:\xboxhd" and the xbox reboots. The software is placed there like told so why is it saying it isnt? Anybody a...
  • Menu and many blank save game icons hijacked by savegame transfer - xmbc4gamers
    Hi to everyone! Registered here after often been reading various topics. Ive tried to transfer savegames for Halo 1 and 2 from one console to another, via memory card/flashcard. Although on secondary console in Local GameSaves data is visible with icon, when I copied it to memcard it was blank file with profile name only, 2 of them for 2 games. I've chose copy in File Manager and of course it automatically offered me destination. I couldn't choose free area, selection was only on Back arrow, so I've pasted it like that from memcard on my primary console, UDATA. (Idiot, I know.) So that...
  • Original Xboxes for sale
    I’ve got 2 original Xboxes that I’m parting with, both in great shape, one comes with 2 remotes, and one comes with one. The one with 1 remote comes with halo 1 and 2. The one with 2 remotes comes with sets gt2002, but you can mix and match the games if you want to buy only 1. asking $140 for each, but willing to negotiate. Thankyou
  • Themes for xbmc4gamers
    Do you know where I can download themes for xbmc4gamers besides that ones available in download section in xbmc4gamers?
  • Widescreen patch for Halo 1 ntsc
    Hi, Can someone upload for me default.xbe with widescreen support for.Halo 1 ntsc (us)? I tried to patch it my myself but it doesn't work.
  • Meerjel01’s XTL Tutorials
    This topic is gonna be about programming for the Original Xbox using the official Xbox Developer Kit! Using DirectX 8. Since I’m capable of it I decided to make my own tutorial series for people to learn from. Let’s begin! First you’ll need to download and install the tools. I’m not gonna instruct you on the process of getting the DevKit to work or where to get it. This is just a C++ tutorial. After you’ve opened VS2003, make a new project. There’s a preset for Xbox developers in the New Project window, use it, make it an empty game application and create a .cpp file. In the file,...
  • New wireless controllers for XBOX
    https://www.retrorgb.com/retro-fighters-wireless-xbox-controller.html Pretty cool they’re finally releasing wireless controllers for the XBOX. It seems a pretty good controller and cool to see that hall sensor sticks becoming more the standard. Pre-orders are open between 15th March til April 1st. Shipping is in October. I’m grabbing a pair
  • Warped heatsink bracket in v1.6?
    Hi all, I grabbed a v1.6 from a local seller and after confirming it worked fine, I opened it and gave it a good cleaning along with new MX-4 thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. I then soft-modded it and once UnleashX loaded, I saw the temps were floating around 65 degrees celsius. I figured ok, the pastes were fresh, those would go down. Long story short, they didn't. The system idles at 55 celsius and reaches 75 after gaming. Every other console I've owned/worked on hovers around 55 degrees under heavy load and drops back to 45 on idle. I opened it and took a closer look - the...
  • LED DVD MOD (electrical query)
    Hello all i have stripped my Samsung DVD drive to its bare essentials and made a clear Perspex Lid Mod. I want to add a LED to this feature but don’t want long cables crammed inside can I get power straight from the DVD drive? this would be beneficial if I want to take it apart I can just unplug from the cable. I have found a pin layout but it’s for the motherboard & I’m not sure if I’m correctly thinking I can copy the wires to what looking at on the bottom of the DVD drive
  • Alternatives to Unleash file manager to edit XBE game title?
    I have Star Wars - Knights of the old Republic and Star Wars - Knights of the old Republic 2 installed in Games on my F drive. Evidently they both have the same title in the XBE (Star Wars - Knights of the old Republic) which means that Unleash only shows one game in the GAMES and XBMC-Emustation shows KOTR 2 as a duplicate title (Star Wars - Knights of the old Republic (duplicate) - even though the game scanner shows the correct title when scanning). Through searching, I read that this because the default.xbe for both games has the same title info and that the easiest way to update...
  • OGXHUB - USB hub for an internal OGX360 install
    I'm not a huge fan of mounting PCBs on the outside of my Xbox, so I came up with a way to use controller ports with an internal OGX360 (latest firmware supports OG controllers) and I thought I'd share. This is just a USB hub designed to use the Xbox's proprietary connectors, your motherboard plugs into the OGX360's Pro Micro boards, the OGX360 and controller port cables plug into the hub. I included a few extra headers, two are for video sync lines (CLK A and CLK B) which get passed from the motherboard to the controller ports, though I have not tested if OG Xbox lightguns will...
  • Tuscany PSU 1.6 test without xbox.
    I have a Tuscany PSU that is a 1.6 version and I wanted to know can this be tested with out the xbox? The 5VSTB (reds) on the 20 pin connector is measuring 3.9V. Is this normal if not connected to xbox?
  • time to sell.... selling tsop flashed xboxes - lots of stuff/parts... Canada
    as a result of having a bad accident I no longer have the ability to tinker and mod. I have given some away to family - but have 2 complete modded systems in great shape. I am unsure but there may be 500 gb drives in them. I have a tub of parts, power supplies, board(?) case and cables. I am keeping a couple for myself, of course... I am going for best offer and will send pics upon request. I would ship to canada preferred but will also ship us - I won't gouge for shipping or this stuff. they are in fantastic shape. I am in Alberta. sad to sell but it is sadder to not be able to mod...
  • NEED help with xbox 1.6 PSU
    I have this xbox PSU TUSCANY model but with missing components ,and i wanna repair it Can anyone help me with missing components reference. thnx.
  • widescreen patch for Silent Hill 2
    Hi, Does anyoen can upload for me widescreen patch for Silent Hill 2 NTSC?
  • Installed my XboxHDMI kit after being afraid of trying
    Forgot to post this here, i finally installed this thing last month. I’m very proud of this i’ve never really tackled anything this difficult. Best part is, it worked on the first try. I posted about this awhile back looking for advice, but i decided to jump right in and do it after being afraid to for so long. But wow this mod blew me away. Too bad i didn’t install this in my main xbox (Don’t worry about the long cables, i shortened them to the appropriate length after testing)
  • Was this a tsop or modchip removed
    Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong section but not sure if this is softmod or tsop so put it here. After having help to update my original xbox (thank you) I have since found the first unit that wife bought me in 2002. I thought it had been softmodded and slayers installed. Today I opened it up as I want to fit a 200gb sata hdd that I have spare and was surprised to see that it has had some kind of chip fitted in the past. It's a lot of years since this was last used and tbh I don't remember having a modchip. It has the stock hard drive and the manufacture date of sept...
  • OG Development - FileSystem
    Just wanted to see if anyone could help, I have got the devkit up and running on my xbox recently and have been messing around with making something. In general information is fairly hard to find but ive got one or two sites that have got me started. From the application i have created, i can see that i can only access my own folder, it comes up as the D drive. Im guessing that this is done intentionally so as you cant access other folders etc, but how can i access other folders in the filesystem? In the case of the Dashboards, they obviously have access to the full system.. im just...
  • Trying to hotswap to do softmod using Inateck adapter w/ FATXplorer
    I'm trying to softmod an old OG Xbox by doing a hotswap (since the DVD drive can't read games) on the original 8GB WD harddrive. I'm using "Amazon's Choice" usb adapter for whatever that's worth. Inateck USB 3.0 to IDE/SATA External Hard Drive Reader Applicable to 2.5"/3.5" HDD/SSD, with 12V/2A Power Supply, SA03001 https://www.amazon.com/Inateck-External-Reader-Applicable-SA03001/dp/B08BNPXSJ9 I can't tell if a) this adapter isn't supported or b) I'm not getting lucky (timing wise) with the hotswap keeping the drive unlocked. Any help is appreciated! If I use USB View...
  • Does the X3CP have the ir mod already?
    Don't feel like taking off my panel to check, but I coulda sworn I saw a pcb in front of the ir window on my Control Panel. Do I just have to get a compatible remote?
  • Origins - Cannot get MS Dash to load...where is it?
    I have the Origins package on my 2TB drive, which is locked to the console and I cannot get the MS Dash to load. The system freezes. Questions: Can you confirm that the MS Dash is actually included? If not, where do I put it? I have read the stories of people tampering with the menu or structure and having things "blow up". I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks.
  • Xecuter 2 chip - Bios and hard drive upgrade
    I am upgrading the hard drive I installed sometime between 03-05 when I first modded my original xbox with an Xecuter 2. I don't recall which version of the chip I purchased I have all the parts I've seen suggested to begin. My issue is that I have not upgraded BIOS so its sitting at 4983.something. My board is 1.4 What is the recommended method and BIOS to get this upgraded or even upgrade my whole setup so I can utilize the full hard drive?



















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