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  • ArdPromSD EEPROM reader/writer
    I have 6 ArdPromSDs from initial batch I’m selling at cost ($20) + shipping. Not sure if I’ll make more since this is a special case tool. Let me know if you’re interested. details:
  • Weird problem with hard drive
    Lately the hard drive makes strange sounds, like "jumping" or scratching etc. So I formatted it(both low and hard level, with standard partition softwares) , checked it in Windows and done various tests like sectors and surfaces test: no problems were found. I reinstalled Slayer's Evox (latest), reuploaded all stuff, etc: same problems. At first boot, after many hours of inactivity, it goes well, but after a bit or just randomly the HD makes such weird sounds and the game crashes (especially Rallisport Challenge, a little more rarely with other games, both launched with TSR and IGR options...
  • DIY 80 wire IDE cables, which connectors are necessary?
    I'd like to make some 80 wire IDE cables for the Xbox, 80 conductor 30 AWG ribbon cable is no issue but when it comes to IDC/IDE/PATA connectors there are a lot of different names and specs, I'm quite sure which ones I have to account for. I've been told that normal keyed 40-pin IDC connectors will not do the job, so what type of connector is needed? Also, if you've made these cables before, where did you source the connectors from?
  • will an og xbox eat up a ssd quickly?
    when i got started in the xbox modding scene a couple years ago, i kept reading that ssd's do not last long on these og xbox's because of the way the system constantly writes to the disk cache. now, i keep seeing people say they upgraded to a ssd. even watched a youtube video a while back from modern vintage gamer where he used some type of flash cart memory card in place of a hdd. so what is the final verdict on this? will an og xbox eat up a ssd quickly or not? and is there any speed benefit in going to a ssd? i know it won't speed up the transfer of data but i often think it is the actual...
  • The Orange Box For OG Xbox
    Hello everyone!, Blz? I'm doing a port of "The Orange Box" For OG Xbox using the official port of HALF-LIFE 2, The Project is already 90% finished and I'm in the last step which is REPACKAGE the files to .XZP (Only)....... In it will include; HALF-LIFE 2 (With some improvements), EPISODE ONE, EPISODE TWO AND PORTAL.... Does not contain TEAM FORTRESS 2 due to Xbox being too weak for it If someone help me create a repackager of .XZP files the game will be completed, anyone available?
  • Stock 1.6 flashing red and orange
    I've read that this could be a failed memory module but I'd like some more info before I go ahead and start replacing those. I've seen some things that conflict with that info; LPC pin 5's trace, video encoder, etc. random nonsense. The board looks clean, I can't see any corrosion or trace damage, caps looks fine, I scrubbed it with IPA especially around the RAM and had no luck. Maybe someone else that's dealt with this before can share their experience.
  • is there any way to speed up the loading of the home screen?
    on one of my hard modded xbox's, i have a 3tb sata3 seagate drive. it has almost every xbox game ever made and some extra stuff too. i have the dashboard set for xbmc4gamers and fast parsing but it loads so slow. i have found that to be the fastest dashboard though. on my softmodded xbox, i upgraded the drive to a 300gb ide seagate drive and the same ide cable. i only have mostly the games that are available with insignia right now plus a few others and it loads to the unleashX dashboard. it loads SOO much faster, even with that old slow ide hdd in it, that i am tempted to use it instead of...
  • i keep getting an error on the url downloader
    haven't used my xbox's in a while. been recently trying them with insignia though. on one of my hardmodded xbox, i have xbmc4gamers as my homescreen. when i go to the down loader to try and download anything i always get some type of urlloader error. this even happens when i select the updater. please help.
  • Power supply Board xbox 1. 1 resistor burned
    Hello, i have this power Board 1.1 Version 220 volt with burned parts.. I like to know the value of resistor, can someone help me? Thanks
  • Purchased a 128Mb Ram board and PSU, Advice apreciated please....
    Hi, Long story short i brought a v1.1 Board and PSU- TSOP with x2_5035 BIOS i was told from the seller, Then brought a Stock faulty xbox (Trace rot), installed new board and PSU into the faulty xbox, Kept he stock HDD and DVD Drive from the faulty Xbox...... Anyway powers up (No Flubber) say's EXECUTER2 CONFIG LIVE LOADING..... and stays on that screen, Eject button FRAG's Is it looking for somthing from the HDD? I did try Hexen and various other Installer DVD's that work on my other consoles. Faulty DVD drive? Im a total TSOP noob and would appreciate some advice please,...
  • Modding Dreams/Dreaming Too Big?
    Hello all, new here. Just had some questions about the best ways to bring my dream Xbox to life. What I'm going for overall should be simple in theory, but I'm here to be steered in the right direction if that makes sense. I'm essentially trying to do a combination of a few different mods I've seen videos of. And I'm mostly just here to ask if it's possible to do these things together and the best way to go about it.
  • Wingman xb 8bitdo brick 8bitdo snes30
    I thought I saw someone who had an 8bitdo snes30pro working with a wingman xb via black brick 2, I cannot get it to work, the only success I had was a wire from wingman xb to snes30. Anyone have any tips on getting it to work? Thanks.
  • 128mb/720p patch GTA San Andreas
    I'm trying to 128mb/720p patch GTA San Andreas but no luck, always reboots to the dashboard. Have tried OgXHD and XBEPatcher and every permutation within said patchers (Auto/Windowed/Aggressive etc). Vice City runs in 720p (radar broken) but SA... even with 128mb it just won't run 720p. Any idea if there's a functioning 720p .xbe patch for San Andreas out there?
  • USB Keyboard Support on PSO etc?
    I have a very basic non-multimedia USB keyboard and a USB->Xbox adapter, such as what you might use for a soft mod. I can't seem to get it to work with PSO, or even the network settings page (I tried typing in 192.168 etc). I've also tried using the X3CP faceplate USB ports but same problem there too, no reaction. Am I doing something wrong? Would be cool to be able to type in PSO or use it in Xbmc4Gamers.
  • What would you say it's worth these days ...
    Crystal XBOX v1.6. Xecuter3 chip, Faceplate, LCD. Xtender kit. (Space for 3 HDDs). Crystal JoyTech 6" XBOX TFT colour screen. (Not ever managed to find another like it).
  • Widescreen Patches (128mb) GTA Vice City
    Anyone good with widescreen patches? i managed to patch GTA Vice City for 720p and it works great, only thing is - the radar disappeared! Game is pretty much unplayable w/o it. Anyone familiar with fixing this issue? There was a doubled picture issue too until i disabled widescreen in the MS dash.
  • EvoX M8+ / Setup Fanspeed permanent
    Where can I change fan speed? Since Insignia I flashed my TSOP with EvoX M8+... I used to have iND before... The problem is, I don't know where to setup the fan speed... I can change it in XBMC4GAMERS but as soon as I start a App or Game it changes back to low speed. This is not good because I'm useing a different silence fan that needs to run at least with 80% speed to keep the Xbox cooled. My Xbox HDD is installed with Hexen2020. It has all the other Dashboards and I tried everything... Dashboards from Apps folder, HexenTools folder, C Partition... but it won't work, it...
  • Xbox Power button issue and clock capicitor leak
    Hello all! A few months back a got my first OG Xbox, but the DVD drive was broken. I ended up buying a second Xbox for parts with a working drive and swapped them out (I ended up getting lucky, it was a Samsung drive). So a couple days ago I pulled out my spare Xbox and found the only problem with it was the power button not turning the console on/off. The console would power on when plugged in, which looking into this online told me its a common problem. So I ended borrowing the working drive and softmodding it. Everything was going perfectly until I was playing some snes9x and the...
  • You can service GPU fan
    Recently discovered that it is possible to fully disassemble GPU fan and service it properly. Fan is not using ball bearings, it simply pops off if you force it gently with both fingers equal amount of pressure on fan blades as close to the base of assembly. Loud fan is quite again.
  • Original Xbox and Games for sale!
    The time has come for me to sell my Xbox and game collection! I bought my console brand new in 2001 from FredMeyer. I’ve loved this thing for years. Sadly it’s just sat in my entertainment center and needs a new home. Console, controller, and games are all tested and work great. Happy to send pictures if requested, just DM me. Looking to sell this all as one complete package for $400 SHIPPED! Pay via PayPal. Included: -Xbox console with cables and manuals -1 Xbox controller (unknown brand) CIB Games: -SSX Tricky -SSX 3 -HP Chamber of...
  • GhostCase Kits - Crystal Clear
    I have about 18 of these for sale. I acquired them from a friend that was into case modding. I think they are the GhostCase Kits but I do not see any labeling that confirms it. Not looking for retail. What is a fair deal?
  • Xbox boots, Microsoft logo shows up, then hangs with no error
    This is happening on a stock console btw, I've read that the Microsoft logo appearing indicates an XBE has been found to launch so it's more likely to be something besides the HDD, there's no error code or change in LED color. I could put a chip in it and see what happens but maybe someone else who's seen this before could share their experience and save me some time. 🤞🤞
  • Phantasy Star Online Setup ?
    A general inquiry for a PSO setup guide would be helpful from anyone who can currently connect. To play on the 2 servers, Schthack or Sylverant over Insignia, what is required after selection from its dashboard selection tab ?
  • kotor 2 peragus bug
    I know there is a save game by action replay, that bypass the section after t3 is getting zapped, because of running this game on HDD this will cause a game breaking bug after loading to a next scene. I can't find that save game. Can someone help me with this. Thanks
  • Xbox 1.0 & 1.4 - "Same" FRAG after attempt of Aladin XT Plus 2 installation
    Long time reader first time poster! Sorry to start in this way but I'm completely lost and if possible I need your help all... First disclaimer, before the attempt on both console to install the modchip everything works fine (stock console no softmod or other modchip). As per the title I've installed the same Aladin XT Plus 2 (pick-up from AliX) but at the end (after the first boot) both console start to have the same issue as per below : Tries to Boot 3x then FRAG (Christmas Lights) Usually due to a failed or improperly installed modchip or the IDE cable being...



















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