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  • Cerbios on a Xenium with a component to HDMI adapter possible?
    I'm so far behind on the Xbox stuff being out of it since long before Cerbios took over like a storm, I vagely remember Cerbios couldn't be used if using component cables to connect the Xbox to the TV? would I be right in saying this? I run my Xbox using the Microsoft Component adapter with the SDDIF on it, which the spdif connects to my Amp for audio and the component I use a component to HDMI adapter which runs to my TV. Is Cerbios going to work in this situation, and if so which Cerbios should I be using? I have a 2TB HDD full of stuff, I don't want to have to format...
  • Looking for Xecuter 3 Panel
    Hi there, bought an X3 CE Console last year and have been looking for a X3CP to go along with it including the screen, it’s only the front panel I need, if anyone’s got one for sale I’d be interested in buying if it’s reasonably priced, thanks!
  • Crystal Xecuter 3 full setup. UK based.
    Console is a 1.0, clock cap removed. Console has 128mb and has HDMI out. Unit is PAL and as such needs 220v. (IMPORTANT - This is NOT a Stellar or HD+, this HDMI mod predates both of those. This is an N64Freak motherboard, HDMI and 128mb both installed by him. Output is on par with the better external HDMI adapters such as the Chimeric). No controllers or cables included. 500gb sata HDD with XBMC4Gamers as dash. No content other than that. I also have an Xecuter 3 jewel and a few spare 3d printed buttons for the bank switches. Controller ports have blue LEDS, player 2 port...
  • Xecuter 2.3b lite - Cerbios booting fine, but Safe Mode not working
    Hi, I created a dual BIOS using "X2 BIOS Manager v2.3" for my Xecuter 2.3b lite modchip. Bank 1 is Cerbios using UDMA5 and Bank 2 is Cromwell to allow recovery if I flash a dodgy BIOS in the future. Both banks work fine, Cerbios boots normally also. I've tried various flash programs (Xblast OS, Gentoox) on my OG Xbox itself, and get the same issue, Cerbios won't start Safe Mode, which as far as I know should use UDMA2, but I don't know what else it requires. Cerbios.ini is on C:\ and looks fine, it is in use when booting Cerbios normally, the dash list is...
  • System powers on only by eject button. Power button does nothing
    So I got a mobo that powers on immediately when it’s plugged in and the power button does nothing. When you use the eject button it turns on and off. So unfortunately it does not function as an eject button in the slightest.
  • Anyone have any idea who produces this mod??
    See pics, I know it’s a remote on and off mod but is not the usual Xerc. I have the install down EXCEPT for the 2 power cables (purple and white)… looking for the source so I can work out where those two go!!
  • Question Regarding Selling Software Here
    A few. When my game gets finished I would like to sell it like a traditional game to get money for my work. Can I sell it here then? Also if possible I would like to make a set of discs that can run on retail Xboxes. Meerjel01
  • Audio using a monitor with no audio port/speakers (HDMI)
    Hey! So i bought a hdmi adapter to use with my xbox(should arrive soon), to connect the console to a monitor. The adapter does not have a audio port. The monitor does not have a audio port/speakers i noticed later to my surprise. Im wondering if there is any simple way to get audio out of this setup. I dont want to buy the official headset, wanted to use a regular pair of 3.5mm headphones.. I did a bit of research and i can...buy a cheap audio extractor i suppose...there is no 3.5mm port on the og xbox controller...i dont know if there is an alternative free solution.....
  • Pulled an old console out of storage today and was greeted by this......
    XBMC with the MC360 skin!! INSTANT nostalgia hit there. I remember modding all my mates consoles and adding this skin to them. Already running XCAT on it now to see if theres any hidden gold. After that I will see about extracting the skin and uploading it. I'd love a version that worked on the latest XBMC. Link to download skin files : MC360.7z
  • (MOD) THPS3 Japanese Exclusive skaters added to OG Xbox version.
    Download the mod here https://mega.nz/file/NF1wmKxI#kLS6ZYzS5mC4uBJbtux3ulmwGcaebdWksYaYKg6Ys08 All credit goes to VilifiedOne on Youtube.
  • Question about ram chips .
    Hi all , just wanted to find out by those in the know if these ram modules are compatible for the 128 mb upgrade . I’ve installed all four , failed on all four . Touched up all joints with soldering iron , got the three reboots and Xbox wouldn’t power on , reflowed with hot air station and Xbox goes back to booting as if there’s no extra ram attached . I then replaced one of the ram modules to see if blast would detect it and still nothing . I have no issues accessing Xbox dash or Cerbios flashed Aladdin booting XBMC4Gamers .
  • StarCraft Ghost Beta
    I remember hearing word that an playable version of StarCraft Ghost had been salvaged from a dev box. Had an .iso ever been made available to the public? Would love to see what could have been.
  • Off Brand SATA Adapters
    Remember a decade or so ago it was strongly advised to ONLY buy StarTech brand SATA / IDE adapters. I remember them costing around $20 USD. Is this still the case? What is yours experiences? Are the $3 USD cheap Chinese ones on eBay acceptable?
  • Capacitor replacement issue
    So I replaced my capacitors as suggested on my V1 motherboard due to leaking on the clock cap. Video had no problems before but now the video gets a bit intermittent/bars on the screen and the sound starts to squeal. Help me out please. Novice here so any pros would be greatly appreciated lol note I replaced the three 16V 1500 and two 10v3300 caps.
  • PSU adapter?
    I recently found this PSU adapter inside a EU 1.4. Out of all the xboxes I've popped open, I've never seen one of these before. Anyone else?
  • insignia devs
    Any of the Insignia devs hanging around here? Additionally do they have any dev journals / blogs, twitter accounts, etc. worth following? I am fascinated with their efforts. Incredible work.
  • Xbox with skeleton top & Xecuter 3
    For sale is the following... - Original Xbox with Transparent Smoke Grey top panel (top panel only), generic black base - Xecuter 3 modchip installed - 200GB HDD - 2x Microsoft OEM S-Type controller - Microsoft OEM A/C and A/V cables - The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind w/ manual - Halo 2 official strategy guide - Halo 2 Preview copy of Official Xbox Magazine - Asking $350 CDN / $255 USD. Shipping available from Vancouver Island, BC in Western Canada. Payment through PayPal G&S or Interac e-Transfer. Check my...
  • Requiring Replacement IDE Ribbon
    Can someone recommend where I can buy a replacement IDE ribbon that... - is the right length - has connectors at appropriate spots for both optical drive and HDD I am located in British Columbia, Canada on the far west coast. And lastly, if I'm using a stock HDD will it work with a 80pin ribbon instead of a stock 40pin? Lastly, will I get faster speeds with the 80pin? Thanks
  • Trying to fix two OG Xbox PSUs - but I can´t find info on some components
    I was given Two OG XBOX PSUs but both have 2 missing components One PSU is Delta and belongs to OG Xbox 1.4 revision One PSU is Delta and belongs to OG Xbox 1.6 revision Fuse and varistor are missing in the PSUs, parts are not in the board, someone removed them. i think the owners connected them to 220v (here we have 220v , not 110v in the wall plug) and that caused the fuse to blow up, and varistor to blow up. Just like in the Wii power brick when connected to 220v So i spent some hours trying to figure out what the original components were...
  • Wanting to upgrade my HDD
    Hey gang. So I’m wanting to upgrade my Hard drive and am about to install a project stellar mod chip with HDMI bundle. I have a version 1.0 motherboard. Any suggestions on good hard drives for me? I wanna download as many games and emulators as possible so I’d prefer a bigger hard drive. Also do you think a ram upgrade would be necessary?
  • Broken OG Xbox disc drive
    Hey, so I just got my hands on the OG Xbox. It was working fine and playing games until it started lagging really bad and so I thought it was overheating or something. I powered it off and to let it cool. Again because I thought it might need it. When I tried to power it back on the thing wouldn’t open the disc drive. It started making a rough squealing sound and I got an error screen saying I needed to send it in for maintenance. It pulled an error 11. I took it apart and cleaned everything. Motherboard and such. Then I took apart the disc drive and cleaned it as well as replaced the drive...
  • Xblast Aladdin/Jafar/Lite/Etc.. cerbios help
    Having an issue with a 1.3 xbox that I've never run in to before that I can't find a solution to. Using this xbox with any type of xblast chip/80 wire ide and any type of ide to sata adapter(including startech), the xbox will not boot the bios no matter what. When I push the power button it will always boot to xblast then I need to manually choose the cerbios bank to boot from and then it works fine. I've tried replacing the modchip with various other xblast type chips, replaced the ide cable, replaced the sata adapter, replaced the HDD, replaced the dvd drive. Nothing will work. I...
  • Need an ATX2XBOX adapter. Name your price.
    I am putting an original Xbox motherboard into a PC chassis and I want to use a proper ATX PSU with it. I don't have the time to get PCBs made and assemble the board so the first person that can ship me one to WA via Priority Mail can name their price for it (within reason). I'm also willing to buy more than one.
  • for anyone struggling with converting folders to iso for xemu
    I'm probably releasing something i could have found if i looked hard enough, but anyway.. I was manually inputting the folder names and iso file for every bloody game i have. it was driving me insane. copy pasting only helps so much. I decided to stop being lazy as it's costing me more time so, I made a python script that checks the current folder it lives in. looks at all folders within that folder and makes a list of them. It then runs extract-xiso with the correct name and parameter to create the iso. one after another IT's quick and dirty...
  • How to still use a headset on Insignia with modern controller on your original Xbox.
    https://cyrix.ca/n-comm-w-modern-controller-on-ogxbox Went through the effort of testing this out as I know there are plenty of people wanting to play on Insignia, want to use a modern controller, but also want to be able to use in-game chat. This setup works and should give people a guide on how to get their own setup going.



















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