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  • Testing a recently bought Splinter Cell Disk for Softmodding
    Hi there, my Xbox is already softmodded with Rocky5s Softmod. On this machine I used the older softmodding-method via an old PC with P-ATA connectors (hot swapping etc). I already upgraded the outdated softmod with Rocky5s Extras Disc. But I will get another Xbox to softmod and for that reason I want to test a just bought Splinter Cell Game Disc on my ALREADY softmodded machine. Is that safe? I planned to just get to the point where I load the "Linux" savegame in Splinter Cell (after that the Xbox's light turns red and you usually get to the XBOX softmodding screen,...
  • is there a way to fix an xbox with no hard drive
    I got a xbox og with no hard drive can I fix it?
  • Broken OG Xbox. Attempted repair, now what?
    Hi guys, I've got a mate who owns an OG Xbox (Xbox #1). Unfortunately, Xbox #1 had corrosion on the motherboard from a leaked capacitor. So I'd given up until hearing another friend had a broken OG Xbox (Xbox #2). I found in my research that swapping the hard drive over wouldn't be possible, so my mate would lose his saved games. But accepting that, I took Xbox #2 to repair, and found that it was experiencing a problem. Fan spin while holding down the power button, but the console would stop responding once the button was let go. I proceeded to troubleshoot, and found a suggestion that...
  • Controllers Not working in any slot.
    Opened up the Xbox to fix some trace corrosion. When I put everything back in and booted up, none of my controllers were working. Iv double checked the daughter board several times. Everything is plugged in correctly. On boot up it launches the clock and none of my controllers work in any of the slots. I found out I was atleast getting power through the controller port because when I plugged in my Wingman XB2 it lights up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Need help with FRAG-LESS rebooting Xbox!
    Please see link to 10 images of board here https://imgur.com/a/nJotOX1 The machine in question is a v1.0 with fresh electrolytic capacitors installed everywhere a few weeks ago aside from the power supply (Foxlink, with resoldered power leads). It also has an Aladdin mod chip which I was running Cerbios 2.2.0 beta on previously. After successfully upgrading the RAM on a v1.4 machine yesterday I decided to do my primary xbox today. RAM in question is the leaded F-QC50 variant. They appear entirely to be authentic Samsung chips. With XBlast OS flashed to the mod chip, I began with...
  • Xbox 1.1 PSU problem and repair
    Hello, I recently received an OG Xbox, but it does not power on. I’m not measuring output from the pins, and I don’t see any obvious damage to the board. While probing around, I noticed there are 3 ceramic capacitors that are showing as OL on my multimeter, and a bunch of resistors. I want to confirm that these are definitely supposed to show some resistance/connection between the two sides of these components. Would it be worth replacing these? I don’t want to replace the whole PSU if I can help it, and I can replace these parts.
  • Controller broken after TSOP attempt?
    After atleast two months of issues with an HDD swap, I decided to try and TSOP flash my console (1.0 US) While my skills were shoddy at best, I don't think I soldered any pads that weren't the R7D3 or R7R3, and the system seems to boot fine (no error LEDS), but my controller no longer works. I've bought an aftermarket/3rd party controller, and that one didn't work either. There doesn't seem to be any problems on the daughterboard, and all the cables are plugged in right... Any idea what could've happened, and how I might be able to fix this?
  • Chipmod PROJECT STELLAR is it just to fit in an Xbox that already has Pin Headers Installed?
    Hello good evening guys, I need to clear a doubt about the Xbox HD and the chip.... Come on, My Xbox 1.6 already has the Pin headers installed, and I want to buy Chipmod PROJECT STELLAR, I just fit it in and ready? Since you have everything done.... and another thing I'm going to buy a HD Western Blue, would that be the right one?
  • XBMC4Gamers issue when detecting games - some work, some dont!
    Hi Guys I am new here and have soft modded my og xbox and installed XBMC4Gamers dash, however some games are just not being recognized by the dash. I have tried so many different solutions, such as copying from different flash drives, hdd.....etc, nothing helped. When ripping the games from a disc, they work fine, and most work ok after copy, but some just show these weird names as you can see in the screenshot. Xbox is running a 1TB hdd, for those games that wont work, artwork installer just marks them as being corrupt. Has anyone else had this issue, any...
  • Lists of Good, Current Capacitor Replacements
    After seeing lots of suggestions, usually for capacitors that aren't readily available, discontinued, or are marked "last chance to buy", I thought I'd try to put together some lists on Digikey of current/active caps for the Xbox. It might be good for people asking about caps, experiencing option paralysis, or even people who do this a lot and don't want to have to think about it. I would appreciate feedback, let me know if there's some better option or cheaper equivalent to something in one of these lists. Any dupes across revisions are the same model cap. Xbox v1.0-1.1...
  • WTB Working Disc Drive
    Looking to buy a working disc drive ASAP. I'm from Canada, ON if that makes a difference.
  • Samsung DVD Drive - Error 12
    Getting error 12 and I feel like I've tried everything... cleaned the laser, the pcb, checked my wires and connections, everything seems good the drive even seems to work fine lol. I've got a mod chip on the way but it won't be here until March sometime probably this is super annoying.. although the laser resistance is reading 3.6k no matter how much I try to adjust it it seems stuck at the resistance. Everything else seems good even checked all the resistors on the pcb by the ide cable. Here's a video of the error code and the drive https://streamable.com/12oewm heres a pic of...
  • samsung dvd drive spindel twitches but never begins to spin??
    hello, i am trying to repair this drive, it has been opened before, i may have done something wrong previously but i do not know what is causing this. this drive is connected to a 1.3 xbox. i can provide a video of this issue here
  • 1.0 FRAG with no boot sound
    I have a 1.0 Xbox. It’s really close to the 1.1 change over but pretty sure it’s a 1.0. It was starting up fans and drives originally but still FRAGing. I tuned up the disc drive and I can tell the HDD sounds like it’s not running well, but still no boot at all. I could at least tell that the clock Cap had leaked so I decided to pull that. I got it out nice and clean and cleaned up the area around it but it didn’t look bad. No corrosion on front or back really. I reassembled for testing and now I’m getting the same FRAG but with no boot sounds. No disk spinning, no fans, nothing except...
  • Working BIOS Files
    Hope its OK to ask this here Ive been trying to upgrade a couple of Xboxes now, for the last month and a half Its been one problem after another. Anyway, Im at the point where everything Is working, but I still have a problem For some strange reason, I Initially was only able to copy around 300GB of files to F or G drive So did some Investigation, and found some Information...found a recommended BIos...patched it using Evtool to LBA48 v3.0 Flashed the Bios and thought everything was solved. It was showing as LBA48 v3.0 In XBPartitioner But now, It will only allow me to copy...
  • trying to salvage a 1.4ver with x3ce with xlcd from a house fire
    i almost lost everything in a house fire the fire happened two years ago and at that time i slimmed down my xboxs and only had two of them one just a softmod the other the xecuter 3 now let me tell you these xboxs were directly under my 55in flat screen tv and the tv melted all down on the xboxs now im here to tell you that Microsoft built a tank when they built these things because softmod survived i mean the case is junk both power and eject buttons were melted together i had to break the case apart and pull the power/eject pcb board out to turn it on now i have not cleaned the mother...
  • Xbox Debug Kit
    Hi everyone, I have a xbox debug kit for sale. Its the transculent green, unopened xbox with the original seals intact. Ofcourse with a green transculent controller, 128mb ram and the xdk launcher dashboard. Price €800
  • What are my options?
    Hi Guys. So i was attempting to soft mod my 1.2 XBOX. I pulled the power from the CDROM, let it boot up and when the green error showed pulled the IDE Cable out. I then connected this to my computer with a IDE to USB adapter. I opened Xplorer360 and i was able to browse my drive. I was copying some files to the partition3 and it look like it lost connection. Now i cant get Xplorer360 to see the drive. I put it back in the XBOX and as suspected it did not boot but i also suspect that its no unlocking the drive now. So what are my options? Is there anyway of recovering this at...
  • CIB X3 added to the collection
    Picked up a brand new X3 today. Honestly didn't expect to find an unused one at this point. Think this one may stay in the box.
  • XBOX Saves Games - Unlock Everything - UDATA/TDATA (NTSC)
    Hello. Does anyone know where to go to get XBOX Save Games (UDATA/TDATA) other than GameFaqs? Note: These are SAVED GAMES for Original XBOX. I’m primarily looking for Racing Games so I can unlock all cars, courses, tracks, etc. Ideally, they would be NTSC version of games. These two sites have a lot of Saves Games but I am wondering if anyone has a collection or another site they can refer? Thanks! https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/xbox/category/999-all https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/homebrew/warchives/xbox-saves/
  • Cerbios 1.6 and Origins 2TB - Frag
    Modded a 1.6 with an Aladdin chip following a thorough tut on YT Rebuilt the LPC per the tutorial. I programmed with the latest cerbios. Pic attached isn't mine, but i followed this exact pic Powered on = frag Removed the hdd = frag Removed the disc drive = frag Disconnected the chip = no frag. Console booted up to the splash screen followed by errors related to the hdd and disc drive since they were disconnected Other then that Will cerbios run the origins 2tb? When i did a cerbios on a 1.4, i remember having to format the hdd with cerbios in...
  • DVD2Xbox iso Movies don’t work
    Hello all the Problem is only some DVD rips play on XBMC? The movies either refuse to play, or get past the WB sponsor logo and I get a failed video playback pop up and crash to dash. When I use DVD2Xbox to rip the movie it makes 2 track ISO files. part 00.iso part 01.iso it splits the ISO’s but the division in gig is not related to failing to play.’ (board specks) I have a 1TB HD that I’m pretty happy with the content on it. I’m left with about 400gb. it’s a rescue NTSC-board, 128mb ram, Mod-Chip with IND, Version 1.2 & I used NTSC-Pal and setup Play...
  • Looking to update my OG
    Hey everyone, just dusted off my chipped OG unit and I'm looking to update the bios (if there are benefits?) and dashboard (looking for something that has nicer interface than my current). Fairly certain I have a 1.1 motherboard (followed this). I've attached some pictures of my dashboard info and modchip (Shows Executer2 below Xbox animation when booting). Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
  • New to the OG Xbox and I have some questions
    Hello everyone, Sorry if this is in the wrong place but as the title says, I'm relatively new to the OG Xbox, it's an awesome console but seems to be pretty complex as well. I have a softmodded 1.6 Xbox. The first issue/question I have is when I turn the console on, it boots in 4:3 and SD even though it's connected with a Chimeric HDMI adapter, also in some guys like 007 Nightfire, it's pretty blurry almost like it's running in SD, is this an issue with 1.6 Xboxes? If that is an issue with 1.6 consoles, whether it's because of the Xcaliber encoder or whatever, what is the best...
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Screen Tearing, is that normal?
    Hello, I'm relatively new to the OG Xbox scene, I have a 1.6 Xbox with the Chimeric HDMI adapter, when playing THPS4, there's pretty significant screen tearing, is this normal, or does it have something to do with the Xcaliber encoder in the 1.6?



















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