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  • Ftp transfer fails when I transfer xbmc4xbox.
    Hey guys so anyways, when I try to transfer xbmc4xbox via my windows 11 laptop, it gives me an error. The error says something about 255 or something like that, so how do I get rid of this error? PS: my Xbox IP address is configured on the laptop btw.
  • iso to xiso
    What is the the most straight forward way to convert iso to xiso. I think I can use extract-iso and quix to recompile it but is there another way? I want to batch a few. Im not looking for CCI.
  • [Split Thread from] Compatibility of insignia project with nulled hard drives copied from a single source
    Everytime i try to get insignia on my xbox it says it can't connect to the server than i go the troubleshooting and it says that the DNS can't be resolved i am running the connection from a bridged connection on my pc could that be causing it?
  • Xecuter 3 Box Restoration Worklog
    I got an Xecuter 3 box and it's in perfect, brand new condition. It's just missing a control panel. Luckily, I have one Also managed to find a NOS XLCD for the panel! Might need some tips on how to re-condition the Control Panel plastic though, if I can... This Control Panel 's seen some shit. And I have to 3D resin print the buttons, as you can see. But I have a resin printer now. LucEEEE!! You got some 'Storin to do. ...Weeeeeh! _---------------------- On an unrelated note I now have a SHITLOAD of RAM. Lol.
  • SID 5.11 Help needed if you know TYVMIA
    So I modded my old XBOX with the SID 5.11 (I think) and then used FTP to add more old emulator images to make it fun for my grandkids but then the oldest grandkid did "something" clever (I have no idea what wasn't there) and the machine reverted to it's original boot state (unmodded) and I am wanting to get it back to modded again. Any ideas or suggestions on how to do this and I would very much appreciate if someone could point me to instructions on how to build the old SID boot USB that goes with the Mechassault DVD - still got my custom USB cable and DVD but need to build a new SID...
  • Can the Xbox ftp with steamos/Linux?
    Hey guys and gals, so anyways I’m just wondering if the original Xbox can ftp to Linux distros (Ubuntu, steamos, Debian)? I was just wondering because I want to transfer files off my steam deck but idk how to transfer them so I’m just asking how I can transfer files from the deck to the Xbox.
  • OG CPU Upgrade Hardware/Prints/Jigs Etc
    Hi All I thought I’d share my custom prints and files used for the OG CPU upgrade. https://github.com/ACE-AU I’ve done a heap of upgrades as of late. You can see them on my YT channel. https://youtube.com/@aceconsolerepairs?si=RRgvNWeJkBL1a7it I usually stream them live and there is a couple of uploaded vids showing the process. I hope someone has some use for the files etc.
  • DVD drive problems on XBMC4Xbox under titan patched evox m8+ with UDMA5 enabled
    has anyone had the same issues I have? the DVD drive under standard XBMC and other apps fails to detect DVDs (always shows as empty), this is hinted in Titan's readme on its github, but it's a software problem -- it should be fixable, for example XBMC4Gamers has it fixed, but it can't play media in any way! is there any way we can obtain the same version of the source code that XBMC4Gamers uses and have it in a normal XBMC4Xbox version that can play multimedia? i'm one of the few weirdos that still uses his Xbox to watch movies and shows, cuz it gives an amazingly crisp, bright and clear...
  • Anyone ever tried to port Marathon / Aleph One to OG Xbox?
    Checking to see if anyone has ever tried or known someone who has tried to port the Marathon trilogy to the Xbox? I know the source code is here: https://alephone.lhowon.org/ I've seen this running on the Dreamcast, but have always thought it would be great for an Xbox version.
  • Right audio channel not working on my xbox. Not video cables.
    So I have a OEM component cable and a 3rd party. They both work but give me one same issue. The right audio channel wont work, so its just my left speaker. Its not my TV bc my PS2 and Wii component works flawlessly. I cleaned the av port with q tip and isopropyl 91. If I use my Chimeric HDMI adapter both speakers work but I think its still playing through the left audio channel only. Im tryna use component so I can avoid buying another hdmi splitter. My xbox is a 1.2 128mb ram openxenium running IND bios recapped not by me.
  • Need Help with OG Xbox
    I am such a dumbass i was trying to get Insignia on my og xbox using splinter cell but it booted me into the xbox soft modding tool and i want to keep my xbox stock but i accidentaly hit A and not knowing what to do i shut it off and now it gives me error 21 what should i do
  • Good place for pc and other ports for Xbox
    Is there another place I can find ports of games to put on my xbox? I've gone through here: https://www.emuxtras.net/dlsystem/ Just looking for another great site that may have some other stuff to find. Thanks!
  • Wanted: Modded Xbox 360
    There's a Unity version for the Xbox 360 that I want to use but I need a hard modded console for it. That or a way to turn my unmodded 360 to a homebrew console. Can someone that sells a 360 reach out to me here? I don't know if I should ask here but I have no other place to go to right now. Meerjel01
  • Looking for a debug kit.
    Hi, I'm looking for an Xbox debug kit. I thought about modding my current rig to run the proper requirements to have a working development environment, but I'd feel a bit more secure working on a proper piece of hardware to start developing and learning how to make homebrew. The current listings for these consoles are a bit insane(Seeing one being listed for almost $1,000) for my budget and I have no intent to ever get rid of it. I do have some things of value that I'd be willing to add for trade. - an Xecuter 3 - an X3 pro switch - 2 complete translucent clear ghost cases -...
  • 1.6 boots to dash but dvd drive eject button flashes green
    Greetings all! First time posting anything but have gathered a lot of great tips and fixes from this forum for a few years now. This problem has me stumped though. Here’s the situation: The xbox boots fine to the ms dash. I can access the hdd, copy saves to memory unit (or usb via adapter), browse settings, etc. The eject button on the dvd player just flashes green. There’s no disc in the drive, it doesn’t make any horrible noises, it won’t open, and there’s nothing impeding it from opening. I took it apart, removed a lot of dust et al, cleaned the laser, checked to see that the manual...
  • Stretched screen
    Good morning, I have an issue with my screen that's very annoying. As you can see on the picture below, both sides of the screen are streched (it can be seen by the size of the icons), apparently to fill the screen. This is very troublesome because when I ' m playing any game it gives a "lensy" feeling, which is not good at all. Pretty sure that it is something related to the TV since I've tried with another Xbox with the same result. Also tried SCART and composite cable with the same result tio. Did this happen to anyone? How did you fixed it? Thanks in advance
  • Nightmare Softmod black screen upon loading games.
    My set up; PAL OGxbox, softmodded and updated with Rocky5's Tools Disk (PAL Splinter Cell), 2TB HDD cloned using chimp from original drive, UnleashX, clock cap removed (but not replaced), component cables, OSSC on default settings. My issue is very frustrating, the xbox boots correctly I can see and use the UnleashX dash and FTP without problems. Upon loading almost all games, the game will run and load but I lose video signal, my component cable also has AUX red and white cables for sound that go into my sound system. The games load and DO play sound but still don't get a video...
  • WTB: ATX to Xbox adapter PCB for 1.0-1.1
    Hey all, as the title implies I'm wondering if anyone has any extra PCBs for an ATX to Xbox 1.0 adapter, as posted by N64 Freak and available here: https://dirtypcbs.com/store/designer/details/7953/6277/xboxatx-zip The price for a batch of ~10 is a bit more than what I'm hoping to spend so curious if anyone's already purchased a batch inside the continental US and would be willing to ship one for a bit of a discount compared to buying from DirtyPCBs? Thanks for any info!
  • Legit OG Aladdin XT LCD support
    I have what appears to be a legit Aladdin XT 4032 here. The silkscreen on the right seems to suggest that this supports wiring up an LCD. The 4064 revision also seems to have potentiometer for dialing in the brightness. Those pads still exist on modern aladdin clones but there's no traces there. Does anyone have any experience with wiring up an lcd to one of these or know of any documentation? I plan to tinker with it this week.
  • Adventures with a 128mb ram upgrade
    Holy shit. This was quite the process and really tested my patients. First off I installed all 4 chips at once since I didn't think Xblast could be flashed to the tsop or that it wasn't a good idea. I know better for next time. Took me about 2 hours to get all the chips installed and I thought my soldering looked really good. No bridges, but all this xbox would do is frag. After fucking with it for about 4 hours I decided I had enough and put it away thinking the box was dead. This morning I decided to have another go at it, went back over my soldering and once again thought it looked...
  • xbox shutting off randomly
    hi can anyone help my og xbox keeps shutting of randomly any ideas?.
  • Stellar XboxHD+ no video
    I've upgraded my old XBlast + XboxHDMI setup to Stellar XboxHD+ kit and after powering on the system I have no video output. There's a green LED in the XboxHD+ PCB but it's not lit. I've measured the 5V pad and I'm getting around 4.91V. I've also replaced the QSB with a newer revision and it's measuring around 130 Ohms. Stellar board have been updated to the latest firmware before installing and the link cable is connected. Anything I'm missing or should I RMA it?
  • X3CP HDD LED stays on all the time.
    Hey guys, looking for some ideas to troubleshoot the red HDD activity LED on my X3CP. It stays on and is not blinking to show activity. I just did a DVD drive swap from a Samsung to a Hitachi, and I repasted the CPU/GPU. Made sure the jumper on my startech sata adapter is set to Master. not really sure why its staying on all the time. You guys got any ideas? After messing around with swapping DVD drives, I have figured out it's my 80way IDE cable that's causing the issue. When I swapped out the cable the LED worked like it should. Does anyone know a fix for this? The IDE cable...
  • RGB-S/SCART Output
    I would like to dedicate one of my xboxes to 8 and 16-bit emulation. I own a Sony 2030 PVM that is 240p/480i only. My understanding is that the xbox can output a component signal over SCART which doesn't help me as the monitor doesn't support component. Can a modded xbox be configured to output RGB-S over SCART? If so, how?
  • Cerbios force 480p games?
    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to configure cerbios to force progressive mode on all games? I downloaded a force480p bios pack a while back and have been using the x3 bios to force progressive mode on all games but I couldn't use that bios for insignia so I flashed cerbios and now games are running in interlaced mode.



















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