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  • Error 16
    Hi guys, I recently put a aladdin chip in a xbox with a 2tb and it worked fine. Now the xbox gives me an error 16. When i put in a recovery disc the xbox is booting forever in the bootscreen with linux. I tried another aladdin chip, openxenium chip, resolder the d0 and pinheader, tried d0 on screwpoint on the bottomside of the motherboard, tried another dvd drive, another hdd, another ide cable. Anyone an idea?
  • What is a dashboard ?
    I mean i know what are the official dashboards, but these modded dashboards are kinda weird for me. I’ve got some og xbox, some of them has a dashboard that is compact just as the official one, but other dashboards are like wtf, when I go to their settings they throw me to the original ms dashboard settings, so I am very limited to set anything lol, while the other custom dash settings let me set many other things. Also, is the dashboard responsible for playing games? I mean do they find on the hdd and initialise them, or its just a skin? And why is it so complicated to change a...
  • OGX360 Microsoft 360 PC controller receiver alternative
    Looks like since the OGX360 came out the Microsoft XBOX 360 PC receivers have skyrocketed in price. Do we have any other alternative? would rather not have to get a USB hub and 4 8BIT and 4 new XBOX controllers. All the alternatives seem to be a receiver only for 1 specific controller vs any 4 controllers, Ideas?
  • XBMC4GAMERS Thumbnail image
    As the only thing left bothering me on my build this maybe an easy fix. How does one make the /D: image this disc shown below in the photos.
  • Black screen with softmodded UnleashX - possibly messed up files :-(
    Hi together New here and... I am the next one with a black screen My Xbox was softmodded with UnleashX using hotswap method. It worked very well afterwards. Recently I tried to make it starting the orig MS-Dashboard (because I wanted to change som vid settings there as I hoped they could resolve my screen issues). During that I seem to have messed up important file, I assume. Sadly that was 3 weeks before I now recognized that the xbox is in a bad state.. so I cant remember which files I changed. But even if I could remember.... I only get a black screen...
  • I have to hold power button to activate softmod, how to disable it?
    Hello, so I sent my xbox to a guy to mod it to be able to run backup copies, he did it, i dont know how, maybe he softmoded maybe he tsoped or chipped, but when I press the power button it boots to the original xbox ms dashboard, if I hold it down for 1-2 sec when its off, it boots into the xmbc or I dont know how its called, the modded dashboard where I can see the games. Can I disable somehow this feature, and boot right into the modded dashboard without holding the power button? Thanks
  • Looking for Halo 1 czn trainer and ipswin
    That shit is elusive now. Can't find it. Anybody still have the ips file and the ips application?
  • How to swap HDD's between a soft mod and a hard mod console?
    I have a hard modded console with a 1TB HDD that I would like to swap into a softmodded console that has a 500gb and vice versa. I know that something has to be done with the HDD keys but I dont know the exact details and don't want to mess anything up. Both systems have config magic currently installed. The reason I want to do a simple swap is because I have recently backed up all my games to the 1TB and really don't want to have to go through the hassle of cloning with chimp and then backing them all up again, so if someone is able to give me a quick step by step on what I need to do...
  • System with interposed installed
    Some time back I bought a board with the 1.4 interposer mod already installed but unfortunately didn’t have time to mess with it until now. Checked his GitHub and saw references that say XBMC will always report 1.4 regardless of the switch setting. Is there a way I can confirm if the switch is actually switching between 733 and 1.4? I tried several retail games from disc without patching which I understand should have issues but both worked with the switch on or off. I also verified the blue led on the interposer stays on regardless of switch setting. thanks in advance
  • Ogx360 remote power on power off mod
    Anyone know if there's a way to use ogx360 to power on/off the Xbox using this? Would be a really nice quality of life upgrade to the OG
  • DVD tray always reads "Empty" following new HDD drive install
    OK, I'll try to be thorough here. I have a 1.2 XBox with an X-B.I.T. It had been stored in my loft for over 10 years. When I attempted to use it, the 120GB IDE HDD had failed. I re-installed my original XBox HDD which I must have also modded back in the day, and everything worked fine. I got a replacement 120GB IDE HDD and set it up as new using FATXplorer with the C and E file from the link mentioned at https://www.hazeno.com/guides/fatxplorer-2tb-preload Now, my XBox will happily boot from any disc that I put in the DVD drive, but when I boot to the UnleashX dash and...
  • UIX Lite 0.9.6 (?) BETA - the one with FTP
    Hi, i've read over at reddit that there is some new Beta of UIX Lite which has an integrated FTP Server. Anyone know where to get this version? Eventually someone can enlighten me what those "usual places" are 🙂 Thanks, Egon
  • Final Burn 1.1, where can I get it?
    I was looking through an old page on https://xbmcxbox.blogspot.com regarding a full list of emulators for the OG Xbox, it's an outdated list but one of the emulators mentioned is Final Burn 1.1 which apparently can play several games at full 60fps speed that no other emulator can do (Turbo Outrun, Power Drift, etc). Unfortuntely no download link is provided and I cannot seem to find this emulator or any subsequent releases anywhere to download, all I can find are links to 'Final Burn Legends' and 'Final Burn Consoles'. Does anyone know where I can get hold of this emulator?
  • help repair main board corrosion and missing components
    Hi I've got another dead xbox 😁 the mobo is corroded by the clock cap. The previous owner tried to repair but components flaked off. I'm hoping I can add the missing components and get it working again with some help here. It's bad. It looks like 5 SMD transistors and 5 resistor or diodes are missing. serial and gfx chip (focus) suggest board is v1.4 according to https://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=367210&seqNum=2 The same area on v1.6 is very different so it would be a big help if anyone can photo the components on a v1.0 to 1.4 board thanks
  • SATA HDD Upgrade
    I’m attempting to upgrade to a 1 TB SATA HDD. I have the following: Xbox 1.4 Aladdin Advance modchip EvoX M8+ (EvoX.m8.ece.67.noDVD.UX.256.bin flashed from OGX Installer 1.5.4. MD5 4737a026fde9e799d9c7392d05971505) Seagate ST1000DM003 1 TB SATA HDD StarTech IDE2SAT2 adapter Gigabyte 80-wire IDE cable OGX Installer 1.5.4 (DVD-R burnt with slowest speed) I installed the SATA HDD and initially used the stock 40-wire IDE cable since the 80-wire IDE cable is a tight fit. I booted the Xbox with OGX Installer to setup the HDD. The DVD drive tries...
  • Fable 720p hack, dirty disc error
    I'm attempting to use the 720p hacked xbe from the ogx disc and i'm getting an error (in 720p no less) that the disc is dirty. Does this xbe need to be patched to run from the HD?
  • Help black screen
    Hello i need help navigating the standard XBMC4GAMERS skin because it is totally black (but I can hear the navigation TICK) i have a 2003-09-02 XBox I soft modded with Rocky5. I am having trouble with the upgraded 500g HD. I have selected a skin that is just a black screen. I did this because the 480p 720p option was greyed out in the options menu. I’m hoping I can just select the original skin and everything will go back to normal. but if this is a fatal error I have the ability to FTP on my laptop to fix the deleted .xbe or any other file required
  • Help patching 128MB ram usage to xbe using Linux
    Hey all, I've just got back into playing my original xbox and I've got XMBC4GAMERS set up on a new 2tb HDD. Can anyone advise on patching xbe game files using Linux so that i can take advantage of 128mb of RAM?
  • Old Hardmod Xecuter 2, Chameleon chip. Forgotten password
    So i have a 1.2-1.3 version Xbox that sometime 10-15 years ago i moded with a Chameleon solder-less chip. I used an Xecuter 2 bios and when it turns on it asks for a password. This was to keep my 7 college roommates from playing it all the time. Fast forward a decade later and I am cleaning it up and refreshing it, and i forgot the password. Any idea how to reset this? Plan is to clean the DVD drive (wont open), clean the case. 2TB Sata Drive, Startech SATA to IDE, OGX360 Internal (if anyone has one available) With that being the case, will I still run into this Xecuter Password...
  • Flash gone bad & Repair Ideas
    Hi, i'm new to the scene and got my first chipped box a few weeks ago. Because i'm interested in tinkering around it happend that my Flashchip somehow got corrupted in the process of trying out another BIOS... i'm kinda stuck now and absolutely want to recover from this situation by myself, so there have a few ideas risen and i may ask more veteran people about them: Ideas: 1. Boot the XBox of a friend of mine, remove the Flash with power on and flash mine. Did this years ago regulary on PC Mainboards but also know that these devices aren't built for hotswapping them and so...
  • iND BIOS Stability
    I have been tinkering on and off for a few years now. I have some 128mb N64 Freak boxes they were tsoped from him with ind BIOS. My issue is I have never got them to boot with any kind of stability or repeatability. With mod chips and other BIOS X3/X2/m8 no issue. I have placed the config file in the correct locations. DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\1evoxdash.xbeDASH2=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Apps\XBMC4Gamers\Default.xbeDASH3=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Dash\EvolutionX\evoxdash.xbeDEFAULTXBE=\Device\CdRom0\default.xbe It boots once and then hangs once power cycled. I can...
  • Can modded Xbox's play import discs?
    I have an NTSC import game that my PAL hard modded Xbox can't play, it just sees it as an 11mb video disc. I was under the impression any Xbox that had been modded should be able to play imports? The disc is in pretty good condition so unless there's something i'm missing i'm confused why it can't be read in my console?
  • 1.6 retail conversion to debug kit help
    Hey y’all, so I want to convert a 1.6 retail og Xbox to a debug kit. I want to do this because I want to dip my feet into software development for the Xbox but how do I get this going?
  • 128mb Install and Odd Modchip Differences
    I recently took a non-functional 1.0 board with 128mb of ram to a shop and asked that they move the extra ram to another working 1.0 board. Upon getting the unit back I'm noticing some unique behavior and most importantly that it won't boot. I do have an Xblast Lite chip connected, D0 goes from the point on the back to the correct location on the chip. The chip is installed with a header. When I boot with the chip connected, I get a reboot twice and then the Flashing Red and Green. When I disconnect the chip from the headers I get two reboots and a Red and Orange light. Anything I...
  • Need custom evox bios for Xbox 1.6 with fan upgrade
    Hello guys, I just updated the fan of my Xbox and want to set now the default value of the fan to 100%. Unfortunately I don't have a Windows machine to edit the evox.m8plus.v16.fc.137.bin. If someone can tell me how to edit it on a Mac I'm also can also change it myself. Thanks for your help. Regards Nikolaj



















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