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  • Saving 3 xboxes before it's too late (need advice)
    Hi First of all: I'm completely new to OG Xbox modding. I have three boxes (and hopefully a fourth on the way soon): The first one: My original Xbox I bought way back. Last time I used it, it worked... but that was before my oldest child (now 16) was born! It is dated 2002-04-04 which according to https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:Versions makes it a version 1.0. Opening it also reveals a fan on the gpu and the controller daughterboard. The clock capacitor luckily looks in pretty good condition. No leakage. The second one: This one I got second hand...
  • Xblast Lite CPLD Programming
    I am trying to program the CPLD of a Xblast Lite that I built. Got the PCB from a friend. I flashed the tsop on the chip successfully. The cpld seems to be programming, but the xbox still frags when I try to boot with the chip. I am using the Flashcat USB programmer and software. The file I am flashing is XblastLiteV1.xsvf: https://github.com/Kekule-OXC/xblast_lite_cpld/tree/master/xilinx_ise I am not 100% sure that this is the right file, but flashcat seems to not work with jed files, so it is my only option at the moment. The output log of flashcat says that I flashed...
  • Here we go again Xbmc-emustation query
    I'm currently in the process of helping a friend finalize his emustation build. He has loaded his game as F/games/#-n G/games/M-Z I watched over video call as he ran the scanner. Upon completion of the scan he only had around 540 titles available.(#-n) On said video call I had him poke around so we could determine the issue. For some reason his file structure was changed on G partition. To G/games/"Xbox title"/"Xbox title"/.CCI default.xbe Subfoldering all of his game on G. When looking at G partition on Fatxploer everything looks as it should. No...
  • OGX-Mini, Pico firmware for emulating Xbox (and other) controllers
    I've written some firmware for the RP2040, thanks to a bunch of TinyUSB drivers created by Ryzee119 and the OpenStickCommunity, that supports pretty much anything the original OGX360 supports, apart from the 360 keyboard for Steel Battalion. On top of those I've added Sony Dualshock 4 and Dualsense support, and will be working on Switch Pro/Dualshock 3 once I get my hands on those. By default it's setup for the Adafruit Feather RP2040 USB Host board, but it can be compiled for the normal Pico as well, though that doesn't have a second USB port for your controller so you'll have to solder one...
  • Xbox 1.6b will not power on/ATX replacement wiring
    Hello everyone. I have not done anything with my original Xbox 1.6b since I softmodded it over 15 years ago, and recently it stopped powering on. I've tried googling and researching, but the loss of Sickmods (and others that I probably don't know about) has made it difficult to find information. Attempts So far: Eject or power button does nothing. Replaced the 5 main caps that are known to leak (I'm pretty sure I did this 10 years ago as well, but had parts on hand so did it anyways) I have replaced the transistor near the clock cap (q7c2) I'm pretty...
  • Duox modchip on v1.4 xbox - got a few issues plus how do I flash?
    Hello, I have had a1.4 xbox with a duox modchip (v1) and I'm a little confused about how I can flash it. I bought this xbox pre chipped 15+ years ago and I've never touched anything past keeping exox dashboard updated. I took it out of storage after a good few years, I would guess I've not used it bar the odd nostalgic game session (It's part of a setup in my living room with an OG xbox a 360 and a series x on shelves) in around 10 years so I have no idea what the latest best things are. Also the xbox came with an 80GB hard drive installed. I have...
  • Xbmc-emustation query again
    I have look over the forum and can't find my answers. Does anyone know if there is a way to structure Xbox games in lettered folders IE (#-G, H-Q, R-Z) Or something to that effect. Or even separated by each letter would be great. I have a CCI collection ready to go just thought it might make navigating a bit cleaner. Thank in advance everybody.
  • New Dvd and new HDD
    Please help! I have just installed an new 40gb ide hdd and a pc dvd drive (just to get my modded xbox to boot) I put the OGXBOX Cerbio installer dvd into the drive and it booted to the ogxbox menu It recognised taht i had a new HDD and asked if i wanted to format it which i did (i can now see C,E and F drives) I then flashed my alladin modchip v1.6 with the cerbios bio which worked. but when i try to install a dashboard off the dvd it just hangs and wont do anything,just says please wait and empty progress bars. This means the xbox wont boot unless the...
  • Conkah
    When I was interested in a full 3D game engine for the OG Xbox, I wanted to do a simple technique that Conker Live and Reloaded did with facial expressions. The mouths where 3D, but the eyes where 2D textures with 2 stages. It's not shape group based (I think) but uses bones for the mouths and textures for eyes like the outside and the inside of them. There might be an 8 for this. When I finish my own skinned mesh renderer and animator then I will do this. Seems to be the best looking way to me. Lipsync Oh Wow.mp4
  • Xbox cpu interposer reball jig
    This is something I came up with to make reballing the interposers a little easier. Should fit most top sections of these reball jigs, might need slight massaging with a vile and/or sandpaper. this is for 1.6mm thickness pcbs, you could also fit pcbs in there that already have passives soldered onto them. incase you have to try and salvage a failed attempt at the mod. Xbox cpu interposer jig v5.stl
  • Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox Complete Set for sale! VERY RARE EDITION!
    Hi everyone, I'm selling a very rare Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox complete set on eBay Auction. Comes with the console, original box, game, controller, cables and manual. (console is unable to turn on) eBay auction link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/355467913914?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=ivo7mds-rwm&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=ivo7mds-rwm&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Starting at $1500 international shipping included. Read the ebay listing for more details.
  • How to add DVD movie ISOs to XBMC4Gamers menu?
    I've been in the process of preserving my entire DVD movie collection in ISO format. Coincidentally, I stopped growing my collection about the same time the OG Xbox reached the end of its lifecycle - circa 2006. I realize this approach probably isn't going to be for everybody, as many have moved on to MKVs and Plex, etc. For me, however.. I'm still chasing that vision I had almost 20 years ago, of having all those movies accessible from a beautiful carousel menu, complete with artwork and synopsis - exactly like we have our games in XBMC4Gamers today! I'm able to play these movies...
  • Best Replacement Parts?
    What are the best replacement parts for the Original Xbox and where would I buy them? Thanks to you I've already gotten a new IDE cable and bands for my DVD Drive https://www.ebay.com/itm/264927666468?hash=item3daeeb6124:g:fDoAAOSwYVZfNwU1 https://www.amazon.com/Optical-Drive-Replacement-Drives-Stuck/dp/B079VQCYSM Monoprice AC Cables are amazing Just in case, I'm looking for the rest of the internal wiring Such as the 4 pin peripheral power cable, is the base a standard ATX? What about the power cord for the DVD Drive? What about new ThumbSticks? I heard they can be...
  • FRAG 50/50, no video, Caps and PSU good
    Hey all! I have a 1.0 that spools up to boot for about 2 seconds and then shuts down. Does that twice and then I can get it to stay powered with a FRAG 50/50 but never has any detectable video output. Not hard modded. I pulled the five Caps by the CPU and they all checked within limits. Clock cap is removed and there is not trace rot. Power supply works normal with other 1.0 boards. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  • Motherboard Serial Number?
    Does the board have a Serial number? I see a number on the bottom of the board that starts with X, directly under the IDE connector. The only thing I see on top is a number that looks like someone made it with a label maker, by the IDE as well. I'm wanting to catalog them to keep track of the ones I've worked on.
  • Help with backing up and install new dash
    Hi all, I have recently acquired a hardmodded crystal 1.6 box from a popular online auction website, which has with a 200gb hdd. I opened it up and gave it a good lean as it was pretty disgusting! Literally spiders inside. It has an Aladdin XT hardmod, I don’t know when it was installed. Current dash is EvolutionX V+3935. I had a good poke around in EvoX settings, it states that it has unknown BIOS. Says the same in Xbox BIOS checker 5.0. I can’t see anywhere to backup EEPROM (I read that this is important) – do I need to do this? There are no options that I can...
  • Xbmc-emustation query
    I have installed XBMC emo station using the hexen 2021 disk. I cannot access the downloader and order to update the dashboard as this is a build from June 2020. Does anybody know of a way to update the dashboard without the use of the internal downloader?
  • 1.6 revision Xbox not powering on.
    I have a 1.6 revision board which shut down in the middle of using it. I have tested the PSU which is working correctly (have tried in another system also). I have traced the problem to this MOSFET - Q2F1 not outputting 5V.Can anyone guide me on a replacement? The numbers on it don't give me a good guide on an equivalent/compatible one.
  • Sound/Video issue with my 1.4
    I have a 1.4 with a flashed TSOP on Cerbios running XBMC4Gamers. First symptom I noticed was a half-second complete video and sound blackout every so often which wasn't too intrusive, but I had other boxes to play on, so never thought too much about it until now when I've started using this box again. I'm not getting the half-second drop-outs like before but what I am getting is really stuttery FMV playback. It's a bit weird in that it plays game preview videos OK, but once I start a game, any video sequence playback is all stuttery - like a record skipping every second or two. The gameplay...
  • R7D2
    So I buggered up the soldering of R7D1 to R7D2 and lost the transistor or whatever it is that normally sits on R7D2. What affect will that have? On another note, I opened a stock box to check on Caps. While I have the motherboard out, can I go ahead and solder the two points before ive done the softmod portion? Thanks
  • [SOLVED] Xecuter3 x3cp wont register player 4
    I have a xecuter3 xbox with the faceplate, and it won't register player 4. If I plug in a controller in port 4, it'll light up but no controls. I went ahead and plugged the controller ports directly to the motherboard and it fixed my problem. It has to do with the usb ports mod built in the xecuter3 faceplate. What could the issue be? Ill provide pics
  • Complete Classics set
    Hello everyone, Wanted to post a video that I've put together of my OGXbox Classics set (the PAL version of Platnium Hits). I believe this may be the first complete set of Classics or at the very least the most complete known of Classics.
  • TSOP identify
    I have a v1.0 xbox wich was softmodded. I bought it that was. today I wanted to Tsop flash it. I soldered the points they show continuity with the multimeter. I update the softmod with rocky's extras ddisk to a modern softmod. But I want cerbios to be able to play cci games So I took the cerbios installer disk and flashed mij made bios with the cerbiosdisk option softmod. But when I started the flash nothing happened.so went back to the menu and flashed the original bios....... wrong button so now I am stuk with the original bios again. Not a big deal because I can soft...
  • Best Performing Sata Adapter For FatXplorer
    I'm currently using the Startech USB2SataIDE to build new hdd's with FatX. I have the USB3SataIDE version, but it doesnt work with FatX. I don't know if it's because it uses an Innostor-IS611 chip, compared to the JMicron-JM20337 of the USB2 version, or something else. I've heard of people using USB3 with FatX and was curious if anyone here has had success. I average 27MB/s, just looking to do better.
  • Halo Xbox + Matching Controller for sale
    My other post was in the wrong sub, here's a fresh one. Sorry about that. There's a pre-v1.6 Halo Edition that just went up on the Arizona ShopGoodwill, with the matching controller. I'm not bidding on it, figured I'd let people know. There was one a few months back that went for over $500 on there. The prices for stock xbox's on that site have skyrocketed since last year. Used to be no more than $40 for a parts unit. https://shopgoodwill.com/item/190290748 Sorry about that, I'm new to posting to the site, I'll be more careful. But to tell if its a v1.6 or not, if...



















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