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  • Botched tsop, think I probably damaged the board, not sure how to recover
    It was hard to get a good image, I think I damaged the board pretty bad. I figured my years of recaping crt's and some smd soldering here and there would make me qualified. I think I might have seriously damaged it beyond my repair abilities, I had such a hard time trying to make that joint (I made the mistake of using flux), any advice on what to do now? worried I might be S.O.L
  • Lframe measurements
    Hello all. I am throwing a few chips into some 1.6 xbox's. I am unsure if they pulse Lframe or not. Does anyone know what measurements I need to know if Lfram is being held low vs. if it is being pulsed? Thanks ❤️
  • Xenium 24k power buttons won’t turn off the system
    I have a 1.6 Xbox with Xenium 24k modchip. System worked fine but feeding buttons prior to install. Lpc rebuild and added pin header and Xbox boots with chip great. Eject button takes me to Xenium is and power button boots into my dashboard (Xbmc4gamers). The issue I’m having, is that I can’t use the power or eject after in turn it on. Don’t think it’s a trace issue due to it being a 1.6 and not having the issue prior to the chip. Any help would be awesome
  • Softmodding using ipod nano 2nd gen 2gb not working
    I got the xbox to usb adapter and a copy of splinter cell to softmod my xbox, multiple sites confirmed you can use an ipod nano to do this so I plugged in the ipod nano to the xbox and it reformatted it. I tried coppying a game save to it and restarting and it was still there. when I open fatxplorer it does not see the ipod, when I try xplorer360 I am able to copy the save folders 5553000c and 21585554 and it stays after removing the drive and reopening and I got them to show up on xplorer360 using a different computer with the ipod connected. Then when I tried to view those saves in my xbox...
  • Unknown error lights
    Tried to turn my Xbox on, it attempted to start 2 times and stayed on the 3rd with blinking orange/green lights at the same time (half orange, half green) and no A/V output. It is a 1.1 and I have removed the clock cap and jumped some trace rot that was causing it to turn on whenever it was plugged it, but the flashing and lack of A/V out persists. I have a reddit thread that has video of the error lights and shots of the main board and power board before clock cap and trace repairs. I am stumped. I cannot find that error anywhere and I don't have much experience diagnosing Xbox problems....
  • TX X3 Pro Switch recreation
    Fun little project, recreated the casing for the pro switch used by the x3 modchip. Done in Fusion 360
  • Unleashx dash not working but evox and others works fine
    I just had tsop'ed my xbox and Clean the C from Softmod after Tsop, so i want to install Unleashx, when i installed and open it the screen goes black, but others dash evox, avadash etc works fine?? My xbox is tsop'ed but i still have softmod savegames and unleashx savegame is they who broken unleashx?
  • Capacitors Kit needed, think it's 1.2
    Bought a Xbox at the local boot sale recently, after opening it up the caps look like they need replacing. Pretty sure I have read on here that the 1.2 usually has 3 caps not the 5 as on most so I just wanted to check if this is right or if I have got that wrong. It has the conexant chip and a thomson dvd drive if that is of any help. The guy had a couple for sale but this one has the 3 little buttons on the front left so I bought it hoping it still had the chip fitted. It does indeed have a X2.3B Lite and the hdd is a 120gb so I assume it was done back in the day, I have only just had...
  • Xecuter 2.6 Reflash help
    I bought an xecuter 2.6 modchip not realising it was flashed for a 1.6 xbox but mine are all 1.0-1.4 how would I go about reflashing so I can install and use this in one of them. Any help greatly appreciated.
  • outrun arcade xbox sourceport?
    There is a "homebrew" outrun arcade game, but its ripped from shenmue 2 files, ugly looking ferrari-like car, and audio tracks are in .WAV format. Found that 2005 outrunX exist, but cant find to download, question is this a proper port, or just the same version from shenmue 2? Cannonball source port for arcade version does exist, but not yet compiled for xbox. I guess source port needs to be rewritten for xbox compiler to work, watched MVG video about compiling xbox games, SAD. There are loads of source ports that would be happy to run on xbox. Some of them actually reached...
  • Quick question about NoDVD BIOS
    Q1 after you finshed your Tsop you must put Hexen disc to boot your xbox, How if my BIOS was noDVD? And how noDVD BIOS works? Q2, i flashed yesDVD and i want to reFlashed to noDVD without make any crouppted thing or any problems
  • 1.4 Box starts only when DVD Rom open tray
    Sorry, but I have to annoy you again... I once again bought a cheap ogxbox at a flea market. So far so good. Unfortunately, the box now has an error that I've never had before... and I don't know how to fix it either... When I turn on the box, the box starts to "pump". The LEDs flash alternately. go off and then on again. Fan stops and starts again, screen is black, hard drive is clicking and turning. After 5 - 10 seconds, the box is stable, the fan is running, but the LEDs continue to flash in all colors. Despite this, no error code is displayed even after a long period of time. When...
  • Original Xbox for sale
    Moving house, found my old Xbox system. Power cable only and still starts. No controllers or av. Open to offers. Location New Zealand, Auckland. Request for pics great condition.
  • Need Help, Installed dash After Tsop then both of Hexen disc and dash won't boot
    After i Tsop my xbox with Evox M8 plus the dash won't boot and i was know about this then i tried to install unlashx dash from hexen 2021 disc then i installed in E/Dash and then i got message says: do you want to make it your default dash, i click in Yes, after that the boot animation frozen with microsoft and when i tried to boot hexen nothing happend :(
  • The controler works fine in all games but in any dashboard fails and moves alone
    Hello, I am a new user, I have a problem on my Xbox for a few days with my controllers plugged, they work in all the games fine, but in xbmc4gamers or other dashboard fails and the cursor move alone until unplug it and plug it again, then I can move for a while or running a game, but when reload the dashboard, keep the issue again. I've tried almost everything, install different dashboard or a Rocky5 quick upgrade and update softmod tool disk from 1.1.8 to 1.1.9, except doing a softmod fabric reset. I don't know if there's a way to keep partitions F and G with all games, I have 1tb HDD...
  • Open xenium fragging need help.
    So I installed a openxenium chip today and it turned on brought me to the os and I accidentally hit the power button and now it doesn't boot just flashes green 3 times and goes green/red. Even tried resoldering joints I'm stumped it was working and now it isnt... in the span of 10 min. Even tried a new hdd same issue. I also tried removing the chip and got error 07 it should be noted the chip was still wired in when I did that but not plugged into the pinhead (this is only when I was testing if it would run after it started fragging)
  • Hardmodded Xbox with Aladdin chip not reading burned discs or working with another hdd
    This is my second mod and I cannot for the life of me understand why the mod isn't working. Perhaps another modder would be able to help me out? The Xbox already had a softmod and boots up in UnleashX After the mod, the boot animation is showing the EvoX logo. Updating the bios is no problem, installed updated EvoX M8 plus bios Trying to boot from a Hexen, OG xbox install disc or Slayer's disc is not working. OG xbox installer DOES work in the softmod Trying another hdd gives an error 13 (160gb and 250gb ide, and sata 500gb drive with green adapter)...
  • Help Classic Xbox
    i have some time today to clean my xbox then i noticed something missing inside the controller daughterboard… browsing on ifixit took it a comparison.. is it the reason why my 2 controllers not working?? Thanks in advance
  • New XBMC4Gamers Theme Available - Resurgent
    Hi all, just checking in to let you know that a new theme was just wrapped up. If you use XBMC4Gamers you can download and drag/drop to your build. This theme (like the others i've done) will be found on the downloader. It's not there yet, but the files can be found here: https://github.com/Team-Resurgent/Resurgent-Skin-XBMC4GAMERS. On this build i added additional root/programs menu icons so hopefully will cover most of the categories you guys use. Folder names supported when you add source. 128MB Ram Apps/Applications Arcade Collections...
  • Xbox repairs.
    Greetings! I am in possession of an original Xbox from the late 90s to early 2000s and I require some assistance before proceeding with its disassembly. I attempted to turn on the console by pressing the power button, but to my disappointment, the light failed to turn on. Moreover, the fan only turned on briefly and shut off immediately after releasing the button. This issue persisted even after multiple attempts, and eventually, the console stopped responding altogether. I tried holding and pressing the power button but to no avail. Could you please help me identify and troubleshoot this...
  • OG XBOX bios 5713? V1.5? Is this as close as one can get ?
    Can anyone else confirm this?? I have repaired several 1.4 consoles, but this one is not a 1.4. This console was modded previously according to the v1.5 aladdin mod. It has bios 5713. Yet it comes up as a 1.4. Only Xblast OS shows it as 1.4/1.5.
  • Swapping hard drive between xboxes?
    So last year, I bought a soft modded xbox and while installing my games I had a major crash and that caused black screen that I couldnt fix. I opted to install a mod chip. While installing the modd chip I accidently ripped up a motherboard trace and ruined the mother board. (word to the wise get a good soddering iron one not from lowes...) Anyways I have a few questions. Are modded HDDs only usable on the console they were modded on? Is there a way I can format the Hard drive and use if for something else, Do I need the xbox it was used in to do this with or can I use any...
  • modding a game from source code
    greetings all i came across a SHOOT-EM-UP game called DEADBABIES created buy [email protected] in the link bellow he has supplied both the original v1 and final versions of DeadBabbiesX. along with the source-code. in the readme.txt he states that he is not interested in pursuing or modding the game anymore https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/index.php?p=homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications//games/DeadBabiesX/ playing his version i noticed a lot of things unfinished (BUT) the game dose have potential i have only done simple modding to the png files...
  • OGX360 sold from The Netherlands
    I have the parts in stock to build 2 more OGX360s. I sold 5 units and bought parts for 7 considering that I would probably need spare parts. I was lucky and no spare parts were needed so now i have 2 spares that I am offering here. I can make them with 1 arduino each and order more Arduinos if needed. I also make the cables. I solder my PCBs with a stencil, liquid solder and then bake them in a T-962 Infrared IC Heater. All hand soldering is done under a microscope and the OGX360s are flashed and tested befpre shipping. Here's my offering: OGX360 1x controller + 1x cable€ 45,00...
  • How to identify/differentiate between Samsung DVD Drive Samsung 616; Samsung 616F; Samsung 616T
    Sorry guys for asking... I want to do the Samsung 616 F/T Mod and i was looking for a proper Samsung Drive on ebay and other platforms... But .. I just read some manuals and description and Version mentioned are Samsung 616 F/T only. When i search the internet i just find Samsung 616 drives, pictures, manual, type label. So my stupid question... before buying some drives that will not fit the requirement... How can i Check and assure that the drive is a Samsung 616 F/T... I thing (or i never found) the version mentioned on the type label .. Sorry for the stupid...



















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