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  • Xbox 1.1 dead no power
    Hi all, I have a 1.1 motherboard that is dead, I know it's not the psu as I have another 1.1 and it works in that console. Basically I was trying to add LEDs to my case which needs a 12v source. I used a Y splitter on the molex connect for the HDD, it worked for a few mins then the console died and now won't power on? I have replaced the 5 caps near the psu connector aswell. Thanks
  • Wanted: Any Xecuter 3 Hardware
    Looking for X3 chips, Control Panels, etc. Plus, if itˋs new in the package and unopened. If the planets align, that is.
  • Changing CPU thermal compound.
    I have just taken the heatsink of a v1.0, cleaned it up and replaced with MX4. It seem to work OK but the heat sink is not clamped to the CPU at all well. I can rotate it with no trouble and even rock it side to side. Were the original thermal pads adhesive? Were they 1mm thick and I need to now pack the clamp out? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • 20$ Ebay find
    I just wanted to share what I think may be a beauty of a find. The Ebay listing had it going for parts only but I'm cheap and had a good feeling about it. As far as I can tell other than it starting up as soon as it's plugged in it is 100% functional. The listing said that it had trouble reading disks and spits them out randomly. I have yet to experience or replicate this behavior(I played and ripped two games from the DVD drive). I was expecting a broken stock machine but as soon as I cracked it open I saw a 160GB Seagate HD. Once I pulled out the drives I noticed that it had in fact been...
  • Price check: V1.0 Xbox with X3CE + X3CP front panel + 200GB HDD
    I didnt find a price check thread and wasnt sure where to post this. But wanted to ask how much would this go for? V1.0 Xbox with X3CE + X3CP front panel + 200GB HDD
  • Xecuter 2.6CE dip switch board and it’s cable. USA
    I have an Xbox with a 2.6 but it’s missing the bank dip switch board and cable. Does anyone have one for sale?
  • OG Xbox Non V1.6 with Xecuter X3 CE chip installed.. Advice needed
    I have an xbox with a X3 CE chip installed with the attached bank switches. I was able to update to flashbios 3.0.1. Bank 1234: on on off off This xbox does not get passed the Xecuter boot screen when I short press the power button (chip enabled). If I long press the power button (chip disabled) I get code 13. If I long press the power button with an original xbox game in the DVD drive the game runs no issues. I am also able to reach the flashBios screen by long pressing the eject an power buttons together. I bought this xbox a while back and have been trying to make it work...
  • [Help!] Flashed Cerbios 2.01 Retail BIOS to an Xbox 1.1 TSOP and have red/green flashing lights
    Hello everyone. I just finished TSOPing an Xbox model 1.1 and decided I wanted to flash Cerbios 2.01 Retail, and after flashing I have a red/green flashing light with no picture. The system is hooked up via composite (yellow, red and white) video cables and now I have no picture. I cannot access FTP, either. I was also sure to FTP over the Cerbios.ini and boot animations to the root of C ahead of flashing. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  • Recommended caps for a V1.6 XBox
    Hi, I have a 1.6 XBox with the 5 caps near the power supply bulging a bit, now I want to replace them but I don't know which caps to get. I am currently looking at this set: https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FK0J332L/9921194?s=N4IgjCBcoEwKwyqAxlAZgQwDYGcCmANCAPZQDaIMALDAJwAMVIAukQA4AuUIAyhwE4BLAHYBzEAF8iAdnhIQqSJlyES5SmADMjCKxCdufIWMlEYjWvMXL8RUpAqbt9AAQBWgGIt2XSCACqwoIcAPJoALJ4GDgArvx4ppT00pbQCujYtmoOIABsAHSaLgBq3vq%2BAUGhEVGx8YkAtBBp1pmq9hRg9CwSvUA Are these good quality ones that will work no problem on the XBox? Sorry if...
  • Softmod/TSOP/Xecuter 2.6ce
    So, I wasn't really sure which forum to post this in since the question will touch multiple categories. I have an xbox 1.6 which had an xecuter2.6ce that I installed in it many years ago. At the time, I flashed both banks with evoXM8+_16 as a "just in case one of the banks corrupts". I had also bought the programmer for these back then... unfortunately, I didn't keep a computer with a parallel port That Xbox ended up freezing up a lot and dieing. So, I figured I would try to move the modchip to a backup Xbox I have (daughter's autistic and playing on this is part of her daily...
  • Tomb Raider Legend not starting from HDD
    Hey Guys! I have a XBox 1.6 and I am using XBMC4Gamers I wanted to play Tomb Raider - Legends yesterday but the game doesn't start. After I select it I just get a black screen 😕 Do I need a HDD fix for this game? I googled, but I couldn't find any maybe someone has an idea what I could try
  • Certain Original Xbox Discs Not Loading Up.
    Hello everyone, I've recently been finishing up my original Xbox collection and only two games I own will not boot up when I put them into my original Xbox. The Xbox is old, and I have been having some problems with the disc tray that I've been able to work around, but every game I own boots up with zero issues besides those two, which are Batman: Dark Tomorrow and Dino Crisis 3. The discs themselves are in near perfect condition, and even when I use the discs in my computer, it recognizes that they are Xbox games and plays the video saying to insert it in an Xbox system. Are there...
  • RGB Scart to RCA Component cable making
    Hi all I have a PAL mod chipped original Xbox with UnleashX dashboard and I'm using a component cable with NTSC enabled for 720P and they both work great together using component on my plasma TV but now I have an old CRT TV but the downside is it only has composite and scart so I would like to make a scart cable that plugs from my CRT TV that will have female RCA plugs on the other end so I can plug my component cable from the Xbox to this made scart cable, I would also use this scart cable to plug my PlayStation 2 into using a component cable. The question I have is because scart...
  • Crystal Clear Xbox 1.6 repair
    Hello everyone! Obviously a little new here. Looking to get my 1.6 repaired if anyone can help me out. Basically, my son and I were playing a game and console completely turned off. Turned it back on and it immediately shut off. Tried again and it wouldn’t turn on anymore. Just a click. I ordered a new power supply thinking that may be the culprit, swapped it out and still nothing. Console is softmodded and has a larger HDD that I did myself about 6-7 years ago. I rarely play (have 2 kids under 5) but my autistic son is really into sonic (which is installed on the HDD). My...
  • Blue XBOX Modded
    I am looking for a blue xbox configured with the front faceplate like the above. Thank you.
  • D0 Connector Source
    Does anyone know the exact part for the D0 connectors on these Xeniums? I think I lost mine and didn't realize until I went to go install these. A member contacted me about the SP ICE and send me full set. Tried it, though I think the solder-less adapter is bad. So I soldered header pins and went to install the 24k...without a D0 harness.
  • Xbox emmting a high pitched sound, also can't read custom cds
    Hello, i got a new xbox, and i had a few issues with it just to establish some info: it's been staying in my appartment for about 2 years without even plugging it in, idk how much it stayed at the seller's place The sticker on the bottom (where the screws are) has not yet been broken The xbox uses the philips dvd drive It's from europe (PAL) So, it has been emmiting this quite high pitched sound constantly, it's not very loud but it still gives me headaches Also my custom CDs don't seem to work on it (xbox can't recognize disc), however i...
  • CPU upgrade x10
    Last week I purchased a nice OG to revisit a console that I'd had so much fun with 2 decades ago and to do some modding on. I set out to finally recreate one of those Friendtech/trusty/n64freak consoles that I'd wanted to do for a long time, but unfortunately never followed up with. This was made infinitely simpler after n64freak opened up sales of his bare interposer boards, so now the daunting amount of work for engineering these boards myself from the Friendtech patent file and datasheets can be skipped. I sourced the components for the clock switching circuit on the interposer,...
  • [SOLVED] chimp clones to new HDD with out problems but i get error 16 when i put in the new drive after cloning, tried fix error 16 button, said it was good, but i still get error 16
    chimp clones to new HDD with out problems but i get error 16 when i put in the new drive after cloning. i tried the 'fix error 16' button in chimp, it said it was good but when i put back in the new HDD i still get Error 16. The stock 10GB HDD i got with the xbox still works if i connect it. i then tired booting the xbox with the 10GB HDD then turning off the xbox and putting in the new HDD but then i got error 13. plz help i already spent like 70$$ on this shit. my xbox is soft modded i removed the clock capacitor i have a compatible HDD, 40-pin/80-wire IDE cables, a...
  • Winback 2, Colin Mcrae 3 start in 480i only
    Pal 1.6 xbox, switched to NTSC mode using enigma switcher, xecuter 2.6 chip, launching games via Xbmc. Component video cable. Games ftp'd to the hard drive, files extracted from redump isos. All other games, a mix of PAL and NTSC versions, launch in 480p. But Winback2 and Colin Mcrae 3 will only launch in 480i. Both are NTSC versions. I'm sure these both should work in 480p. Any ideas what the issue could be? Any suggestions appreciated.
  • Duox2 Fujitsu no signal
    I have had a duox2 Hyundai edition installed forever ago in a Xbox 1.6 and pulled out the old fella for some burnout revenge to my dismay and four year old son’s disappointment I am receiving no signal when powered on .chip is flashing red ,eject button solid green however cannot open disk draw ,second bank frags red and green on eject button. normal Xbox works fine and appears to have all saved files from burnt/installed games. I am currently checking all connections to mod chip. Does anyone know if this is a bios issue , chip issue or HDD issue . If this is a bios issue does installing a...
  • Aladdin XT flashing with Xblast
    I've got one of these Aladdin XT clones from Aliexpress and want to flash it with XBlast instead of using the openxenium for testing my boards I do ram upgrade on. From what I read some said that the SST49LF020A chip needs to be replaced with SST49LF080A. Anyone has more idea of how this is exactly done or is there a write up about this? I've attached a picture of the SST49LF020A that's on the Aladdin XT I got at the moment/
  • Homemade xbox component cable not outputting green and red
    I made some homemade og xbox component cables using og xbox av cables and xbox 360 component cables. At first the homemade cables didn't work as I had read the diagram backward. Eventually it worked with what I assumed was fine colors until I took some comparison photos. Once going into xbmc, I noticed that colors were missing, specifically green and red. I've checked all the connections with a multimeter to make sure they go to the correct output. I also checked with a multimeter to make sure nothing was bridged. Everything appears "fine"....
  • A little unknown part of the motherboard just blown.
    I don't exactly know what I did. I just tested a PS2 joypad adapter which worked for a little while, then the console just turned off by itself, receiving no power as I tried to repeatedly turn it on to no avail. I opened it, dusted it off and tried to turn it on with both disc drives removed and un-connected (just to watch what was happening inside): the console turned on but for just a moment, the little fan started spinning but for just a second, I repeated that many times until a tiny little "something" nearby the 1st controller port started going on fire and blown. I dusted that off too...
  • Who is OGXbox Admin?
    I was just wondering, whatˋs the story with Admin? What is his background? How did he get into the scene? What led him to create this badass forum we all use? I am curious to know!



















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