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  • Xecuter 2.3b lite Fragging on Boot
    So separate to my Softmod in another thread, I also have an old Xecuter 2.3b lite which has sat in my toolbox for about 15 years or so. Physically it's in pristine condition. I have no idea what bios it should/might have on it, as it was removed from my old Xbox way back when after I got another (original Xenium) chip. I have the ground/D0 cable and a switch module. I'm not the worlds best solderer but I managed to use braid etc to remove the solder from the LPC holes on my v1.0 board, and solder in a 12 pin header. I don't have the cable for the switch module for this chip,...
  • FOR SALE: Xbox X3
    Looking to sell my Xbox X3 for $250 plus shipping obo. Can send more pictures and answer any questions.
  • So what is the latest version or xSORR?
    I have found three different versions. The one on EmuXtras is 5.0a and the one posted here and on gamebrew is 5.1f. But I for some reason have a v5.2 on my hdd since 2021. Don't even remember where I got that from. I tried the 5.1f version and it seems there's quite a lot of difference the startup intro for example isn't the pixel styled one but the handrawn one in 5.1f. Is it available on XBMC4Gamers Download section? I can't check becauee I don't have a way to connect my Xbox to the internet atm.
  • LPC repair
    Is this repairable, looking to rebuild LPC and install an Aladdin on this 1.6 with a beaten up LPC looks like a mod has been removed previously
    Hello and greetings all. I know this is a OG XBox forum but I trust this website and the people on it. I've been given an XBox One free. It has a small power issue with the heat-sink and not turning on. (FIXED) I want to push this device as far as I can go. Hard mod the device, soft mod the OS. I have no concern if I brick the console, I want to strip it down and max-out anything I can on it. Any reliable trusted information will be much appreciated Thank you.
  • Samsung DVD drive "Busy" Fault
    I'm posting this here as I am at the end of my rope with trying to diagnose this issue. I have 23 original Xbox's and this fault ONLY happens on hard modded systems that have the Samsung DVD drive (both the SDG-605B and SDG-605F). I will give a little information first on the type of hard mods I performed to each of the systems(they are all identical). modchip: Xblast Jafar/Aladdin ide wire: 40 pin 80 wire 24" long ide to sata: startech adapter(set to master) hdd: 3tb wd red pro or 4tb hgst ultrastar RAM: stock 64mb(1.6 models and 2 1.4s) or 128mb upgrade(all other...
  • Stuffed up TSOP/Softmod
    So I've made a mistake (kicking myself now, but anyway, what's done is done). So I softmodded using Agent Under Fire which worked beautifully. I then downloaded Evox andn put it in the Apps folder on E and, stupidly flashed M7 BIOS to TSOP (which I had bridged the solder points). This worked. However, now, when box boots I just get a black screen with an orange ring. Googling this it seems this is because it's look for Evox and can't find it (it's not installed properly). From what I'm reading this might also be due to the box being both TSOP'd and softmodded at the same time? The...
  • Adding Artwork to a folder of Shortcuts?
    So two months ago I was really enjoying playing doom on my Xbox via Odamex and found out that it can also directly be run through the use of shortcuts. So I made some shortcuts for the wads that I wanted to play and put them in a folder. When I tried to add artwork (_resources) to it they don't show up at the hombrew screen but inside of the folder (also it doesn't show the name of the folder) : Now I don't think this is supported but I wanted to know if there's a way to pull it off. Xbmc probably requires a default.xbe inside the folder for it...
  • Cover art and emu games
    How do I add the cover art for the games? I have tried and failed. I have tried placing them in the media file and also in the artwork file but nothing works. Do I need to add them in the config settings in the emulator? Thanks
  • PowerA controller need replacement micro USB port
    Hi, I recently bought four xbox one controllers not tested for repair them, I had very good surprises in the lot, only one needs micro soldering to be repaired, except that the problem comes that controllers are not 100% official (both brands appear have permissions from Microsoft to manufacture and sell controllers), the controller in question is a PowerA and I have to change the micro USB port except that I can't find a replacement micro USB port on the net and no one seems to have documented this subject, I wanted to know if one of you had already changed a micro USB port of a PowerA...
  • It worked before I cleaned it
    Ok, I've never seen this before, and I'm hoping some of you awesome mad scientists might have a solution. I bought a v1.1 in decent condition hoping that I could do the necessary maintenance and use the guts in my X3 project. Got it home, turned it on and it worked...well enough that I was able to softmod it. Today, I opened it up to work on it and it was caked in dust (I've seen cleaner attics). Cleaned it thoroughly, removed the clock cap (neutralized and cleaned the small amount of leakage), cleaned the DVD drive, bridged the two TSOP points, installed an X3 pin header and...
  • Xblast aladdin mod help
    Hello, i’ve been wanting to do the xblast Aladdin mod for some time now. However i’ve heard that there are different variations of the Aladdin XT +2 chip, one with a transistor near the lattice chip. And one without it. The transistor one also has a more complex PCB design. Sadly all of my Aladdins have the transistor near the lattice chip. I heard that the ones with the transistor don’t work properly after flashing the replacement CPLD code. I don’t want to brick my chips so i want some help on the topic. Also if i brick my chip, can i somehow unbrick it? I mean the lattice chip that...
  • Aladdin 64 v1. 6 - Failing to flash Cerbios SST 49LF020
    Hi. So I have this 1.6rev Xbox hard modded with a chip Aladdin 64 v1. 6 I tried to flash Cerbios using the OGXbox flash disc. But I am getting errors. Tried with Xblast OS and EvoX OS. Joining the screenshots. How can I flash this chip? Thanks.
  • Softmodded pal og xbox no 480p
    I have a pal og xbox softmodded connected to a xedusa I can not get any game to load in any other resolution but 480i or 576i with both pal and ntsc games through hdmi or component running on the ossc. I would like to get this working any help would be appreciated I tried to enter high def mode no luck
    I have for sale a black x3cp and x3 fully tested. It's a spare as I also have a crystal version. 375 I have tg and email Tg 9082836787 [email protected]
  • So I finally found the Xbox NHL 2004 Joe Sakic variant (sort of)
    I recently made this post on r/originalxbox on reddit and wanted to find another place to share my story of the search for the missing North American NHL 2004 Sakic cover variant. I'll past the story from reddit here and add some new commentary at the bottom of the post: I collect hockey games. No. I collect hockey games OBSESSIVELY. I have made it a goal to have one of every cover variant for every console ever made - not just every game. Of course, EA released a bunch of their NHL series games with variant covers depending on the country of release (Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and...
  • For parts 1.0/1.1 PSU
    If anyone has a non-working PSU they want to sell, Ill buy.
  • C7D1 Replacement
    Hello, Doing a mod on a board (1.3 i believe) and C7D1 decided it wanted to leave the chat. As such, i cant find its value anymore to get a replacement. Does anybody know this? Otherwise, does anybody know what other one i can remove from a spare board that doesnt have this? Its right below R7D2. Last time i try and do a mod install after a shitty nights sleep i swear.
  • Double press of power button required
    First press of the power button turns power on for about one second. As soon as it starts to spin down if I press the power button again it boots normally. Any ideas what could be wrong and what I should try to do to fix it? Thanks!
    Hello, I have learnt a lot from these forums over time, and come here often, but this is my first time posting and i would be really greatful for your help as i cant find a solution on google or these forums. My xbox freezes / crashes on the screen after playing any game for about 10 minutes or so, the screen just completely freezes and sound just makes a constant buzzing sound until you power it off again, then if you turn it back on it will do the exact same again , be ok for 10 mins or so then freeze again. Xbox is a 1.1 with tsop flashed to latest cerbios, and 128mb ram...
  • PSU help.
    hey fellas. something awful happened. my sata adapter fell on my PSU and sparks flew. I don't know where to start troubleshooting. The Xbox doesn't turn on anymore. I cannot tell if the damage stopped at the PSU or went into the console. The copper ring step down transformer looks fried.
  • Final Burn Legends & CoinOps Emu Download Only?
    I've looked almost everywhere and all I can find is packs of Final Burn Legends and CoinOps with complete ROM Sets that turn up to multiple GBs. I just wanted to try out the emulators with some specific ROMs as MameOXtras Decade version has some slow downs in some ROMs where KawaX doesn't but KawaX lacks compatibility/support for many ROMs and is quite feature less.
  • Fanart installer and emulators
    So i'm new but not new to this and just got back into it after a very long time away and have been skimming through here and google for help. I recently modded my xbox, installed cerbios and I am using xbmx4gamers dash. I installed the fan art installer and it works for the xbox games but when i go over to the emulators it doesnt show any art work. Is there a specific emulator for these art works to pair with the fan art installer? The only emulators I have installed so far is nestopiax, pcsxbox and snes9box. I have placed those on the E drive with the fan art installer. The games play I...
  • Modchip options for TSOP recovery
    My 1.2 has had a borked TSOP for the longest time, I've been using an Aladdin XBlast to make up for it but I know someone who could make better use of that modchip while I would rather go back to a flashed TSOP. I know that some chips have features for TSOP recovery such as the XBlast Lite, but I haven't seen any of those for sale in a local capacity. Does anyone know what other options I may have here?
  • Change fan speed.
    Hello, I have a Original Xbox with 128mb of ram and makemhz xbox HD+ with open xenium chip. I wanted to change the fan speed to always run at a certain speed even when a game is started. I know i have to edit bios with evtools. do i need a certain patch for the 128mb ram bios?



















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