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  • TSOP V1.1 IND bios not booting, looking for suggestions
    Thanks for your time and any help you fine folks can provide. Here's what I got, and here's some symptoms and our current situation. 2020 bought TSOP'd V1.1 from a nice gent on ebay. It worked fine for the past two years, then recently encountered problems. IND bios, UnleashX Ver: Build 572, Kernel 1.0.5003.67, MS dash Kernel: 1.00.5003.67 D:1.00.5659.03, Upgraded HDD to Seagate Barracuda 750gb upon purchase, reapplied thermal paste to heatsinks/chips, clock cap was removed by seller. This xbox is my brothers, so the symptoms aren't first hand, but described as best as he...
  • [FIXED] How did I do this... now a dead Philips DVD drive
    Hi all, I was putting the Xbox Softmod disc into the drive of my Xbox and then I hit the close button before I noticed it wasn't seated properly in the drive tray. Several unpleasant sounds later I hate to take apart the DVD drive to get the disc out. Now, the drive is recognized by the Xbox but when I insert a disc and close the drawer the motor stutter spins, then nothing and it shows as 'busy' to the xbox. How up Schitz Creek am I? Russellb
  • Is there a good and SIMPLE soccer game for Xbox?
    I mean, played FIFA and it's like... ultra-complex campaign mode... very limited number of national teams (lots of useless clubs)... NO EDITOR (really? that's the funniest part, to build your own team!)... complex commands (some sort of mix between PES and older FIFA titles... switching player makes my mind stun...)... isn't there something really simple like older ISS games or even Virtua Striker series? Asking here instead of usual "top 10 soccer games" pages because those pages only talk about PES and FIFA. Of course, I'm not looking for excellent games... even "decent" are ok to me.
  • v1.6 Mod - Booting to original xbox dashboard
    I purchased an original xbox with a v1.6 mod, a 1TB SATA HDD, and it booted into XBMC4Gamers and was working fine. Unfortunately my daughter managed to get the controller, press some buttons (saw it scanning for dashboards), and then cancelled it. I wasn't sure what she had done so I turned the console off/on and now it boots back to the original Xbox dashboard. How can I get it to boot back in to XBMC4Gamers? It apparently also has XBMC Origins, MS dash, EvoX and UnleashedX installed too. I've searched various forums and found different solutions (either FTP) or using TruHeXEn? I...
  • Bad EEPROM
    So I have this 1.1 that I replaced the EEPROM chip on at some point, years ago. I remember I did this because it was flashing red only. I don't know why I didn't try to just program the EEPROM, but I guess it doesn't matter, what's done is done. Anyways, years later I've dug it out and it still flashes red for bad EEPROM. I've built myself an EEPROM reader cable and tested it on some of my working units without issue. I can write and write the the EEPROM on this unit, and I've written a good EEPROM dump from another working 1.1 unit, but I still get the bad EEPROM flashing red led etc....
  • Smartxx modchip
    I'm looking for a smartxx modchip any revision any condition
  • Case led problems
    Hi, I'm currently try to install strip led lights in my OG crystal case, it need a 12v source. IV tryed the 12v direct from the power supply board and also from a hard drive power splitter. The problems I'm have is it keeps blowing MOSFETs on the motherboard? Is there a limit to how many LEDs can be installed? Thanks
  • Tsop flashed and hdd upgrade
    Hi new to all this , managed to softmod and tsop flash my1.0 xbox and i have a IDE from a old xbox. I have been trying to use that but wheni put it in and try boot hexen it wont boot and just goes into the call support screen. I have made sure jumpers are the same but it wont boot into hexen. Could someone maybe point out what i am missing ? I have tried the hexen disc in before and it works fine and in my other xbox and it works fine.
  • 815E Motherboard For Tualatin CPU Testing
    I need to test CPUS before attempting Upgrades on XBOX. Anyone have a compatible motherboard please let me know your price. Checking here before I decide on Ebay. XBOX 1.6 CPU upgrade attempt #1 (On hold until I can test CPUS 1st)
  • Green LED Flashing After 128 MB RAM Upgrade
    I have a 1.0 and I flashed XBlast to the TSOP then tested each chip as I went. Once all 4 were passing I reinstalled OpenXenium and attempted to boot iND-BIOS-5003. Only, the LED flashes green and it doesn't boot. I tested several homebrew BIOS loaded from OpenXenium and they all have the same problem. I'm considering triple-checking for shorts (or reflowing with hot air) yet I'm surprised because XBlast boots and says all 4 RAM passes. I found a couple of Reddit posts with the exact problem:...
  • So what not Xbox thing have you done with your today.
    Just thought I would start this thread as a kinda fun thing. Given most of us have modded Xboxes, got me wondering what people are doing thats technically not modding, or using it in a way the thing supposed to be. To this end I bring you The OGXbox door stop This is a limited edition, they only made one in clear as far as I know. Seriously when we have the doors and windows open in the house in the summer the near constant breeze always finds the doors and slams them shut. Doorstops are not great in our house as between pets and children they just...
  • Weird persistent error 21
    Hi all. I posted this question in the X-S Discord a day or two ago and haven't made any headway in resolving the issue, so I'll post here and see if anyone may be able to help. A few days ago, I acquired a "non-working" 1.2/1.3 that had never been opened but externally was very clean. When I received it, I immediately opened it up to pull the clock capacitor and clean it up. Aside from the clock cap, the polymer caps were all leaking, as well as the caps near the CPU/GPU. I cleaned and recapped the entire board before ever attempting to power it up. After the initial...
  • Nice Jewel Backlight... the Electroluminescent panel
    I found this and thought it would potentially make a nice jewel backlight. They are paper thin, 10cm x 10cm EL panels. They are cheap and simple. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000511081220.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3cc67ef9BTKbRB&algo_pvid=70858ccc-5276-4812-92bf-166bf11b0c47&algo_exp_id=70858ccc-5276-4812-92bf-166bf11b0c47-8&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000019280130651"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!CAD!!12.2!!!!!%402101d91e16555800182977430ed7b3!12000019280130651!sea There is a little inverter for the panel, but its small enough to fit behind the harddrive....
  • *.xm plugin for Noesis?
    Hey everyone! I was able to extract a bunch of the *.xm mesh files from the MS Dashboard using WinXIP. It came with a program that could view these meshes, but unfortunately it's not that great. See, you can't interact with the meshes, the program only displays the mesh and slowly rotates it automatically. I want to get a better look at these meshes and possibly export them to a format like .obj. I was wondering if anyone has looked into writing a plugin for Noesis that can view these *.xm files? Thanks!
  • Xbox Halo Edition - Need Clear Green Top Case + DVD Bezel
    Anyone have a top and dvd bezel for a Halo Edition Console let me know. Need 1 to complete a set.
  • OGX360 test rig -thoughts?
    So getting ready to do my first OGX360 build and seen a lot of people have issues with U2 needing resoldered. But they don’t know until they run the test firmware. I wanted my pro micro soldered to the board and not through a header…. So I designed this test rig so I can run the test firmware before soldering the pro micro…. Thoughts?
  • Finally arrived!
    Boards finally arrived! Hoping to have 5 OpenXeniums by this weekend. Still open for any tips/advice 🤞🏻
  • Best place to buy a pre-modded xbox?
    Hey guys! My friend was looking into getting a pre modded (Whether it be hard or soft modded) xbox to play with me and a group of others! I was wondering, Is there any place in particular that's best to buy these from? Is there a forum section here for buying, or a website that's very good for buying these kinds of xboxs? naturally my first thought is ebay, but I wanted to know what some of you guys think! ^^ Edit: Just realized, sorry if this is the wrong section, meant to do it in general discussion, not the collection showcase ^^;
  • Ram Upgrade
    I’m in the process of upgrading my 1.2/3 Xbox with more RAM. I also have a DEAD 1.3 that I want to take the chips from and add them to the 1.2/3. I've watched many tutorials and think the whole process isn’t that complicated. is there anything I should know before hand before I start project? My 1.2/3 is TSOP’d with IND_BIO’s extended f/ partition that I use from HEXEN 2021 flashed to a 1TB hard drive.
  • I can’t figure out the name of a game!
    Hey so I’ve been trying for months now to figure out the name of a game I used to play. I can’t remember too many specifics which makes the game much harder to figure out. From what I remember is there were all these little characters that would do some sort of battle. And they are tiny characters, and the battle arenas were like parts of a bathroom or something along the lines. There were power ups around each map, and I think you respwaned when you died until a timer ran out. thank you for any information y’all might be able to give me, I know I didn’t give much to go off of.
  • Xbmc4Gamers + DVD(VIDEO_TS)
    Hello. Sorry for my bad english. I have a question. I use Cerbios+Xbmc4Gamers+3Tb Sata HDD and now I have a lot of space! I really like Xbmc4Gamers, but besides games, I would like to add a collection of DVD movies to the disc. I just created folder "Movies" and added a link to the file (VIDEO_TS.IFO) to my favorites, but it's not very pretty or informative. Can't make a library like with games? Or at least a preview of the favorites menu disc? I read "wiki/Advanced_Configuration" but couldn't figure it out. Help me please.
  • Softmodded xbox worked Perfectly yesterday, now it's not turning on. What do I need to do to fix this?
    Moderator Edit: Hey all. Currently having issues with my xbox. Have opened it 3 times now to re-examine it, and I have NO idea what I need to do to get it to turn on again. Here's a video I made showing the mobo, and explaining everything I've done and checked. Please let me know what you think, I'd love to do whatever I can to avoid needing to buy another box. Literally any help at all is greatly appreciated, please let me know. I read around some more and I've read it Might be a blown transistor, (As this seems to be a common problem with 1.6 mobos, which I believe mine is, last time I...
  • followed online advice re xmbc emustation, now stuck with fatal error on boot up no suitable skins . agggghhhhhh!!!!!
    Im quite embarassed to have to admit this, but im finding some of this modding stuff quite difficult dispite being an electrical/electronic engineer and have worked as a technician a various roles for over 30 years.Maybe its my age?I have got myself in a jam, I wanted to remove xbmc emustation and go back to unleash (sorry) but i was struggling to get emustation to work.Ive ended up with the Fatal error msg. (XBMC Fatal Error:No suitable skin version foundWe require at least version 2.1000IP Address: FTP server...)Further more prior to this, i have been struggling to...
  • Getting xISO patcher to work with XboxHD+ patched M8+ BIOS
    I'm having some trouble getting both of these working at the same time; I have a M8+ 1.6 BIOS pointing to Rocky5's xISO patcher, which works fine, but when I try to pack it with XboxHD's patch and run it, it doesn't show up in the XboxHD app. This happens using both the edited or clean M8+ images as a base when packing it again. If I don't load the xISO patcher, the XboxHD patch shows up fine in the app. I'm wondering if there's a way around this or if anyone else has gotten these to work together.
  • Building openxenium and ogx360s
    Building a few OX and OGX360s any pointers? Do’s/don’t s? I already have everything minus the j1 conn on the OpenXenium thanks



















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