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  • D0 and Ground point
    Hey team, Super new to this forum and to modding the xbox!I have been enjoying the scene and finally after all these years dipping my toes into the Xbox space! I was just wondering for ease of modding my xbox's, are there any PCB's or Gerber files to be able to print my own PCB's for ease of soldering the D0 and Ground points on the motherboard? I'd like to keep as much as possible wires off the board where I can and feel this could be one of those. Any help or useful files or links to purchase pcbs will be much appreciated, thanks guys!
  • Help! I bought a used modded OG Xbox, but the games on it won't load.
    Hi there. I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge of modding the OG Xbox. I've started collecting consoles and just bought an old modded OG Xbox on eBay. It has a silver toggle switch on the back, which enables/disables the mod chip. It's the version 1.0 OG Xbox. When I load it up it goes into the EvoX front end. When I go to the list of games, it shows quite a few on there. However, when I select one, it starts to load, and then resets back to the main modded menu. I've tried several random games on the list. Strangely though, ONLY the Monopoly game runs. I have also added more games via...
  • Is there a replacement power supply adapter for XBOX version 1.6?
    Hello! I hope someone is still alive here!! Well that's it, is there currently an adapter to replace the power supply of an Xbox version 1.6? Something like the AT2XBOX project launched
  • Game artwork
    Hey, does anyone have game artwork they would mind sharing? I am going to use XBMC Origins for my dash but would prefer to use already done artwork as it’ll be a lot to have to create my own from scratch. Thanks.
  • How would I setup Visual Studio .NET 2003 with libSDL2x?
    I've been scratching my head at this for a few days trying to get this to work with no avail. I've been using this library https://github.com/brentdc-nz/libSDL2x/tree/master but it's not very complete, so I tried using Lantus's libSDLx library (SDL 1.2) and I couldn't get it to set up properly. I'm on physical hardware running Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit. libSDL2x wouldn't work because it would break at SDL_RenderPresent() and spit out an error about memory allocation?
  • Fan power draw
    Does anyone know what the power draw on the fans are I've seen both .21 and .24A.
  • The small collection... or is it?
    Well... figured I'd show my "collection". First post will be my current 5 OG Xboxes, in order. From left to right: V1.1, X2 Lite w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 160GB WD1600AAJB V1.6, X-Changer 2.2 w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 200GB Maxtor 6B200R0 V1.4, genuine Aladdin XT Plus2 (Chip ID BF52) w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 160GB Samsung SP1654N, recapped V1.6, ModXo on Raspberry Pi Pico USB-C w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 1TB WD Caviar Green. V1.4 Crystal, ST TSOP w/ iND-BIOS 5004.67, 250GB WD Blue BONUS: Zephyr Elite 360 w/ 320GB Samsung HDD, Aurora dash and EXT_CLK...
  • Xecuter 2.0 Lite
    I started working on another one and it has an Xecuter 2.0 Lite chip. It says Xecuter2 under the X at boot, but boots to the stock dash. I've held Power and Eject for a few seconds each at boot, but no change. What's my next step? I thought holding one of the power buttons was the way to do it. I'll add pics soon. Removing the Bios jumper makes it FRaG with no A/V. Removing the On/Off jumper defaults to the stock bios, stock dash. Removing the Flash jumper has no effect.
  • Mobile Pentium III Tualatin installation
    Hi, I was wondering if the installation of a mobile Pentium III 1333 MHz would be possible in an og Xbox. This would be a lot easier, since you wouldn't have to use an interposer and modify the heatsink. Has anyone tried this set?
  • Looking for a Crystal Case
    Wanted to use a Crystal case for a project I have coming up. Anybody help me? Also looking for a blue case of any kind.
  • Some old mod chips!
    I've had these ol' boys stashed away for a really long time now. I wonder if they still work? I also have all the cables, switches and everything for a few of them still.
  • Patch for better Anisotropic Filtering? (fix textures looking blurry at an angle)
    First of all, how are you all? I have been away for like 2 years, but this forum has been for me, one of the of the most welcome and good vibes forum ever for me! I didn't know where to post this, but here we go: If anyone knows me (and most of us) I have done everything to make my OG Xbox look amazing! I built my own Xbox Component cable with a 360 original component cable, and since then I have the most amazing looking image, plus using Xbmc4gamers, I remove the flicker filtering or put it very low (around 1 or 2) and I am seeing this console as sharp as it can...
  • WANTED - UK Modder who can install 128mb ram mod.
    Soooooooo I started to attempt the 128mb ram mod myself today. I was using a mix of soldering iron and hot air but after painstakingly getting the first chip lined up perfectly, then soldered on, TWICE and then both times it ending up ever so slightly out of line.... I BOTTLED IT, removed the chip, cleaned up and put away all the equipment. I clearly don't have the patience or a steady enough hand to do this mod I am now looking for anyone in the UK who can do this mod for me. I will happily pay for the service. Its a 1.4 console. So no stacking needed. Anyone out there...
  • XBMC Screensaver options
    Is there a way to make a custom screensaver? I see options for a possible fanart slideshow but it's grayed out and I can't seem to figure out how to enable that.
  • Could a dodgy controller cable cause a short that causes sudden power down of console??
    As the title says. I have a console that sometime experiences a random power down. I have left the console running for ages on its own and the power down has not happened, then I have been just flicking around in PrometheOS or XBMC4Gamers for a few moments and the console has shut down. This console has been recapped and has no issues booting up at all. However the controller I have been using has a split in the cable right at the top where it joins the cable relief before going into the controller itself. Could this cause a short that causes the console to power down. I am running...
  • Stuck on cerbios boot screen
    Hi, all I have modded a xbox with an flashable aladin modchip, every thing was fine, flash cerbios, the install xmbc for gamers, give back the xbox to the owner, he was happy. He notice after a few weeks that he got like some wave in the screen, so I search to find that could be from bad caps so he take me back is xbox to check it out. I take it appart to check if I see bad caps and I see nothing, I put back together the xbox and now it's booting and stuck on cerbios screen and when I try to boot with eject it's stuck on cerbios safe mode screen. What could do that and what I could do...
  • Phillips DVD Drive Issues
    Hi everyone. I have a Phillips DVD drive that i have taken apart, cleaned and replaced the belt on. When i slide the tray all the way in, the laser mechanism doesn't "engage" (not sure about the correct term, but it doesn't move up like it should to read a disc if a disc is placed in). I manually slide the black plastic part at the front to get the laser to move up, but sliding the tray back and forwards won't do it on its own. If i plug this back in, when i open the drive, and try to close again, the laser still won't engage, and the drive just pops back out and stays out. If i leave...
  • Installing the Ryzee HDMI Encoder
    Well, I built the encoder. L2 is a little crooked, but I'm lazy, so fuck it for now. I'm about to hook it up, so with me luck! @lopenator
  • Sd card To ide adapter
    https://www.amazon.com/Card-Adapter,SD-Memory-Adapter-Converter/dp/B08SK4G7RP So why not? With a CD drive delete and no ide cable this would create lots of room for mods . And being able to take out the SD and load stuff seems faster. And is cheaper than most of the HDD options .
  • Emustation PSX emulator question
    Any help on how I go about adding multi disc games for the PSX emulator while still having the menu only show the single game and artwork for it as a selection? Would I just name a single folder after the game and have the various ISO's inside it? Since the only way the art will attach is if the file is named the same as the artwork. I can't seem to find a decent guide for making this work.
  • Dashboard could not be launched error
    Probably an HDD issue but not sure what I can do .. My Xbox has a xecuter 2 modchip and when I flip a switch this insert CD screen appears. 3 switches with one of them opening this screen..I am no expert with that modchip but can this help?
  • Where can I find PS1 Ressurection Xtras?
    I went to the website and there's a PS1 system link on there under the "Download > Extras" but it seems the links are dead or something. The artwork can still be grabbed on the downloader dash at least. Any help would be great!
  • XBMC4GAMERS - Apps not running
    Hi, I've just installed XBMC4GAMERS and updated it. I've tried downloading a few applications using the downloader feature on the dashboard, but when i go to open the "Applications" option on the dashboard home screen, i get an error saying "Remote Share: Path not found or invalid". I have saved the application folders to E:/XBMC4Gamers/Apps Does anybody have any idea what I could be doing wrong?
  • 1TB Drive showing incorrect storage
    So I'm finally upgrading the HD in my second OGXBOX. After initial issues, I was able to get HeXen2018 to load. I went through the process and chose to have the whole ~1TB for the F. After the process was complete and I booted up into UnleashX I noticed the f drive wasn't showing the full space. In fact it's a hell of a lot smaller than expected. Instead of the ~1TB it's showing 123,408.52 MB for the F. I attached a picture below. Thoughts? FYI it's hard modded with a Xenium ICE.
  • CoinOPS - best/easiest way to get a shortcut created to launch from the Root of XBMC4Gamers dashboard?
    Hi all, I'm hoping there's a reasonably simple way to add CoinOPS launch icon alongside the Applications, Games, Emulators folders/icons on the Root of the dashboard? I've tried adding the source to have the CoinOPS icon (folder) appear on Root, next to the Applications, Games and Emulators icons. Then within the CoinOPS folder I created a shortcut .xbe within its own folder that points to the defaultsplash.xbe used by CoinOPS, this does point to and loads CoinOPS from its actual location but is a bit messy imo. I also don't know how to create an icon picture for this, within Xbe...



















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