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  • Error In Lynx On Windows 8.1
    it's possible that Lynx runs fine on Windows 8.1 because I downloaded it and it was apparently fine but when I embedded several files inside the XZP file corrupted, and when I embedded only one file inside the XZP got buggy
  • Set BIOs for different dash
    Hello all i have a hard-modded XBox that has 2 BIOS chips my question is how do I set the CerBios to boot the XBMC Origins dash, because I also have a Series X boot flubber and that would kind of SWEET see video of boot below and then have the IND-BIOS boot XBMC4Gamers If I use HEXEN 2018 after I choose my bios and then boot that BIOS, will HEXEN do everything for me to set BIOS 1._dash XBMC4GAMERS BIOS 2._dash XBMC ORIGINS
  • How to add TOSLink (Optical) to Mobo/Case
    The HD Pack cable had optical, so I know there are traces I can hook up a port to on the motherboard, logically. I swear I saw a guide on this on xbox-scene like, 15 years ago, but no tutorials exist anymore. I will keep looking, but if anybody has the answer, I would appreciate some insight.
  • Hard drive upgrade question
    I have a sata hard drive that is compatible with the xbox, along with the little converter board needed. I also have a new 40 pin / 80 wire ribbon cable for the sata HDD. When I do the initial hot swap of the ribbon cable from the DVD drive, do I use the original one in the Xbox or the new one? I ask because I tried the new one and it seemed to boot up fine while both hdd's are powered on with a y splitter Molex. Now when i ran chimp, it seemed to start ok but then it just froze up and didn't go any further. It started and got to those first initial error text (which is normal on doing this...
  • Xbox will only output image on Component cable
    I just resurrected a "for parts" xbox from ebay, and after replacing cpu caps, tsop flash etc, I was able to get it working. The issue I am having though is that the only cable that will work on it is my component cable. No other cable will work. I have tried both a third party AV cable and an original one, both do the same thing. I also have a xhox to hdmi dongle which will also not display any output on this xbox. Has anyone got any idea what is going on here?
  • UnleashX temp in og xbox
    I don't know if unleachx giving me wrong temp numbers when i turn on the Xbox and stay in the dashboard it gives 61C/61C in the cpu
  • Problems after DVD drive removal and noDVD BIOS
    So I thought I'd try out life without a DVD drive but I've run into some issues after removing it, attaching just the mainboard to power/IDE, and flashing a noDVD M8+ BIOS patched for XboxHD+ and 128MB RAM. My symptoms: - When I try to start up CoinOPS Ninja, it just hangs on a black screen - When I press the controller buttons to reset the console, it enters a boot loop, eject flashes green and shows Xbox logo then black screen over and over again. Is the soft reset shortcut somehow tied to eject and the DVD drive? Xbox games themselves and other emulators seem to be launching...
  • Xbox v1.0 C6R5 value
    I accidently hit C6R5 while doing a 128mb upgrade. I assume it is a 29 ohm like the others near buy? I has hoping someone maybe could verify before I purchase a bag of them lol.
  • UnBlunder Not Extract .TGA From .XPR and Bundler No Compress File
    "UnBlunder" Does Not Unzip File "loader.xpr" From Half-Life 2 For Xbox And "Bundler" Does Not Compact TGA Textures Can anyone help me?
  • Brand new X3 panel woes!
    Boy, I sure am having a woeful evening. I just put my X3 console into a brand new spotless case, with a brand new never used X3 panel, and boy, does it look beautiful. Just like the box I built in 2004! I was very nostalgic and happy. All the lights were strong and bright and the screen is immaculate. Well, that was too good to last. After 4 hours, the switch panel lighting started turning off and on and making me nervous. Now it's just practically off, and only a couple leds are very, VERY dimly lit. Is this something that happens with the panels sometimes? Do I need to open this thing...
  • Extended C:// partition
    Hello all i do appreciate any advice and respect any knowledge added to this post I have a 1TB 1.3 XBox that is hard modded and I want to clone the 1TB to a 2TB and extend the C:// partition. I have googled my question but I am just going in circles. there is only 270 kB space left on C:// and applications like Avalauch have a warning message stuck on the screen at all times saying MAJOR error !! C:// is full, things will stop working! If I wanted to extend the C:// partition surely I would need modded bio’s? and how would I do this? I think XPartitioner...
  • OpenBor Beats Of Rage
    I have downloaded Beats Of Rage from XBMC-EmuStation using the built in Downloader. I had to swap the default.xbe with (default_samba.xbe) by swapping the names around. this enabled me to use the BOR as an emulator instead of just playing Beats Of Rage. I filled the PAKs folder with games and nearly all of them run. You can find the games on Google. Unzip them and just use the Title.PAK (small and uppercase names don’t matter) the only 4 games that don’t work are •Evil Dead •He-Man Masters of the U • Mortal Kombat •Justice League Legends I have a 128mb...
  • swap hardmod hdd with softmod
    Hi all, I tried searching but didn't see this exact question. I have an old softmodded (10 years ago?) v1.6 XBOX that I tried to install an Aladdin XT+2 on so I could double the RAM. Long story short, I think I borked that motherboard and it won't boot now. I've gotten a replacement v1.4 XBOX and correctly installed the Aladdin and gotten it to boot properly to EvoX. Is there a way I can transfer my modded HDD from the 1.6 to my 1.4 with the Aladdin? I had XBMC and a lot of apps installed so would prefer not to start from scratch. Thanks!
  • Team Resurgent releases Repackinator v1.0
    Hi Everyone, Repackinator v1.0 is now available. Its source & executable can found on our github https://github.com/Team-Resurgent/Repackinator. We are also excited to collaborate with the community to bring additional features & enhancements to Repackinator. Please feel free to commit to our Github Repo. A Patreon has also been set up for those who wish to say thanks or donate. https://www.patreon.com/teamresurgent. Keep an eye out on for further Team Resurgent releases coming soon. Support & Discussions can be found on the Xbox-Scene Discord https://discord.gg/VcdSfajQGK...
  • Change Game Language in Burnout 3
    Dear all, currently I'm a little bit confused and i have no clue where to search for a solution. Okay... I prepared a xbox v1.1 with modchip (Aladdin XP), the installation is done as alwaws... Basic Setup from DVD, then copying all the stuff via FTP from my NAS Server. So far so good. I general I would expect that every xbox I prepare would behavior like the other. But I figure out a strange behavior on one box … and really one box only (I have 5 at the moment). Okay, after copying all the things (Clean TDATA, clean (UDATA) on the HDD, I can start the box like charm, run...
  • Compress File To .XPR (Xbox Packed Resources With It Is Tool
    Kaos Engineer Can You Compress This File To .XPR For Me? https://www.mediafire.com/file/5uvq7uqs4a75mwa/LoaderMedia.zip/file This is the tool: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gygcx54d740brx9/Bundler.zip/file I don't know how to use it because it doesn't contain a .exe file and i don't know how to use it through the DOS menu
  • New To Softmodding and XBMC (Questions???)
    Hello there! I bought myself a soft modded original Xbox and also found out you could make it look like the 360 blades with XBMC and MC360, now I also know I want to use XLink Kai and when Insignia launches for the console, I wanted to do that as well but I also know MC360 probably won’t work for that since it’s not been updated in years from what I’ve read on forums. I guess to shorten all of this up, am I overwriting my Rocky5 softmod with XBMC or MC360? Or would I be able to just switch back and forth between all the dashboards I want? Any help is greatly appreciated! (:
  • Audio Problem
    Hi, i got a sound problem which one of my xbox but only on the left speaker. it sound like the left speaker is broken, i tried headphones too but same problem. i tried my second xbox on the same TV with same component and composite cable and it was all right. can some please help me with this. i can change the capacitor if that is the problem but i do not know which capacitor is for sound.
  • Jellyfin Transcode Profile for XBMC4Xbox
    I have made a profile for Jellyfin (a media streaming server similar to Plex) that transcodes videos down to a format that the Original Xbox can handle. I have tested it on a few of my own 1080p and 4K videos and it seems to work fairly well and I'm hoping to find a few testers who can try it out. At the moment, it still drops frames occasionally, but I'm going dial in the profile to smooth things out further. Once done, I plan on submitting the profile as a PR to the Jellyfin project to see if it can be bundled in with future...
  • Frag, no display with strange diode reading
    Hi, I’ve been trying to fix an Xbox which used to work perfectly. I tried to do the wii to hdmi mod and screwed it up, so put the old av port back on and confirmed all the pins going to where they should go, but it started fragging. I compared it with a working Xbox and found one line across the motherboard giving a strange diode reading of -1.1 or -1.0 when it should be 0.497 (red probe on ground). I’m attaching 2 photos showing a red line where this strange reading is. Any advice would be grateful.
  • 1.6 with Aladdin XT Plus2 fragging
    Hi there, I'm back doing another 1.6 mod with an Aladdin XT Plus2. It's a stock 1.6 xbox, so I thought a modchip would be pretty straightforward... Added the pin header and the tutorial I followed said cut the pins marked with an X (hopefully this makes sense) X O O O O O O O X X O O I've rebuilt the LPC and cut the L Frame trace, linked the BT to enable chip at all times, soldering went smoothly, no traces pulled etc. This is my third xbox mod install hi When trying to turn it on, I get the 3 restarts and the green red flashing ring...
  • Video distortion / interference
    Hi guys, I was previously using a set of third party component cables, but I was getting a lot of interference (faint wavy lines, etc). I made a set of component cables using an official Xbox av cable and an official Xbox 360 component cable, as detailed in the tutorial section of this site. The picture quality is now much better, however, I'm still getting distortions in the video - several glitchy horizontal lines, but always at the same locations. The same distortion was also there when using the third party cables (albeit with a lot of interference too), so I'm not...
  • OGX360 + Cables for Sale
    I have some 4 port OGX360s with micro USB cables and Xbox adapters, no case as I do not have a 3D printer. $125 shipped to the USA International shipping may be more depending on where you are. I have blue and black PCBs so let me know what you'd prefer.
  • Lynx .XZP crashing when injecting files
    lynx crashing when injecting files
  • Compactor .RDF File? (Resource Defination File)
    Anyone With A .RDF File Compactor? (RESOURCE DEFINATION FILE)



















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