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  • Remove Mod Chip and TSOP flash
    Evening everyone. Tried to post this on /OriginalXbox and for some reason my post isn't going up even though I've been active in it for sometime now. Anyway here is what I am trying to do: Hey fam! I have a 6 Xboxes. 3 are 1.0 and all have chips. 2 Jafars, one x2.0 pro. Most had issues one way or another and I had the chips lying around anyway. So out of convenience at the time, I installed them. I figure I don't need them in there. I already understand the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I just want the chips for other boxes. Definitely not new to the OG, I've just never swapped...
  • whats some of the best Homebrew of 2022?
    whiel i stated in my introduction post i had a Modded OG from the late 2000's to just about 2 years ago, i kinda kept to a handful of emulators (didnt wind up updating much)and played a few HDD Ready games. used it up till i got a RaspberryPi 3 for a Media Center. I Just recently snagged another OGXbox and upgraded it's HDD, i'm blind pretty much to what's changed in the intervening years. whats the best way to approach Emulation now? has there been any decent Homebrew games? outside Youtube, has any other Media service been restored? (Netflix/Plex) (i've got a nice Huge CRT TV to set...
  • dead s-type controller
    Does the s-type controller have a replaceable fuse. I bought on for parts but it seems in better condition that the one I was planning to repair. I primarily bought it for the cord so I could replace the cord on my original that lost a fight with my wife's vacuum cleaner. The cord continuity is good and the breakaway test good on my other controllers. I was hoping there was a fuse that may save it's life. I looked at the pcb under a magnifying glass and see no cold solder joints, but I will reflow them any ways if the controller can be salvaged. If it is dead I will salvage the...
  • Replaced blown caps on v 1.4. Now doesn't boot
    Hi all, I replaced the three CPU capacitors with new replacements and now the Xbox doesn't boot... just a dark screen. I'm going to assume I must have burned the contact points when removing the old caps. Is the motherboard a brick? russlb
  • Xbox 1.6 with samsung drive and soft mod Error 12
    I haven't used my og Xbox for a while I decided I wanted it set up and to play it again did all of that and it goes to boot up gives me a display but shows the contact service center with error code 12. I looked up the code and it points to the dvd drive. I've opened it cleaned it and still no luck. What are my options would a hard mod and no dvd bios be a better fix than replacing the drive? Or would buying a parts machine be better. Thanks Kyran.
  • Just finished a build for a client
    XBOX 1.6 128MB Ram upgrade 8TB Seagate Baracuda UDMA 5 Blue leds on each side Blue led fan on back Color changing leds front power / eject Color changing leds all 4 players For a client
  • Video signal from Xbox keeps getting lost according to my TV
    When using/playing the MS dashboard, Halo CE, or JSRF, there's intermittent signal loss, or at least the behaviour of the TV is if the signal is lost (warning pops up). The audio will continue to work though (if plugged in through the reciever). I've got a video of this happening: Youtube video of signal loss. Setups I've tried: Xbox -> Chimeric -> Reciever -> TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Cheap component cable + cheap ADC with HDMI output -> Reciever -> TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Chimeric -> directly to TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Cheap...
  • [Help] EEprom Bios Firmware for LG-GDR-8163B
    I'm searching for a firmware dump of the original SST 39LF020A from the LG-GDR-8163B to get the drive back up and running. Some how the flash with the "8050L.dld" went wrong under DOS and now the drive didn't get recognized in Windows or DOS (And the drive LED is always on). How ever, if someone has a working flashable dump of the SST 39LF020A with the XBox firmware would also be ok (Not to sure if i could flash that 8050L.dld file to the SST so, yeah.....) . Richt now I have desoldered that little b1tch and soldered it on the pcb for my flasher..... And I also found this...
  • Replacement HD AV pack and internal install schematic, would like some feedback
    I started working on an alternative to the HD AV pack but with added SPDIF RCA, as well as an internally mountable version with a 3d printed panel to snap or screw into the outer case if anyone would be interested in that. I liked the XOSVP's use of a VGA connector so I've included that and I see most designs with YPbPr output using 75ohm resistors, but are these actually necessary if my traces are wide enough to have an impedance of 75 ohms and will they make a difference on the L/R analog audio connections? I've only started learning this stuff recently so I'd like to know if anything...
  • .Xpr File Packers
    Kaos Engineer Do you have any .Xpr File Packers?
  • Executer 2.6 ce uninstall
    Okay I've just been reunited with my Crystal Xbox after 14 years in my mums loft 😎 I has the 2.6 Modchip, HDD upgrade but the switch board is missing from the front leaving just the cable hanging. I'm guessing it's going to be impossible to find one and can't find info on making a custom one, so can I remove the mod chip and soft mod it. Many thanks 👍
  • Original Xbox replacing Fan and flashing new bios.
    Hello Guys. I need some advice. I have a Xbox 1.4 with a windbond chip that I TSOPed a few years ago using a Hexen disk, I don't remember exactly the bios that was flashed, but when I turn on the xbox the evoX logo comes up, so I'm gonna guess my xbox has a m8 plus. The console works fine, but the fan is very noisy (it's a Sunon), so today I disassembled the xbox, replaced the thermal paste in both gpu and cpu (i've gained like 5 degrees), cleaned and oiled the fan and...it's still very very noisy and loud. So, I've been looking for a replacement fan, and found that...
  • Original xbox 1.6(not modded) doesn't boot, 5v rail shorted to ground
    Hi, I'm trying to repair my xbox v1.6 with a Delta 220v PSU because it doesn't power on at all(even the fan isn't spinning). Backstory: the xbox stopped working all of a sudden(it worked just the day before even with the leaked/bulging caps), so thinking that maybe the power and eject buttons got broken, I tried to turn it on by shorting the SW1 Eject or SW2 Power(I can't remember which) to GND according to this diagram of the front panel connector. I don't think this was a good idea since the xbox didn't turn on and I heard a small spark but I'm not totally sure. Now from the PSU,...
  • Collection Vs Collection due to HDD space restraints.
    Hi All. I'm reaching out the the most informed group of Xbox enthusiasts that I know. ( yes, I mean you awesome bunch! ) I'm have a space issue and need to make space for 'Family stuff' on my Nas. ( not by choice I can tell you!! - love you honey 😀 ) I have 2 collections. - Collection 1. 'Redump XBOX (03022016)' Collection 2. the 'HDD ready collection - XBOX HDD [20140930].' (Id imagine the set of games pretty much match each other. ) IIRC the Hdd ready collection has some issues??? If you had to delete one of these 2 collections which one and...
  • RAM upgrade woes, best way to remove RAM module without damage?
    Hey, I've done a RAM upgrade on one of my consoles (1.4) and it's doing the on/off/on/off/on flash orange and red dance. I've reflowed the chips, scoured them with a magnifying glass for bridging and the rest of the board for splashes, and scrubbed the board with IPA hoping that if it was a splash, it'd be knocked loose, but I've had no luck. I'm at the point where I think it might just be some bad memory, so what would be the best way to remove the chips without damaging or moving the surrounding components?
  • This is kinda off topic....but is xbox relatedish
    So I have a question....and it may sound dumb but ill explain and hopefully one of you wonderful lads and gents will have the answer I need.... I had two 1tb 3.5 hdds one got locked to a burned out mobo on a 1.2 xbox... 1.can I format that drive without the hdd key? 2.I don't want the data off of it just want to wipe it. 3.Its a WD Blue series hdd. Hopefully someone can relay some info on this... [Mods feel free to put this in the right forum topic as I wasn't sure where this should go]
  • Original XBOX eeprom with esp8266
    Hi guys i heard we can extract xbox eeprom with esp8266. i searched the internet but could not find any reliable guide. i only found a youtube video where the guy is speaking in french so i don't understand him. can anyone please help. my xbox is revision 1.2 and i already have removed the clock capacitor. i also have attached the picture of the esp8266 board i have.
  • Original Xbox Is 1080i or 1080p?
    original xbox is 1080i or 1080p? because I've already tested photos in 1080p and used it as a screen saver until today, I've also tested 1080p video in .xmv format and opened it without crashing, apart from that when the 1080i resolution is activated it doesn't appear to be Interlaced and yes Progressive
  • Replacement game cases
    Hello All! I can't seem to find a thread on this so will ask the question. Does anyone know where I can purchase good quality OGxbox style game cases that match the original green colour from the retail shells?
  • 1.4 to 1.0 PSU Adapter
    I have a 1.0 model xbox with a faulty 3rd party PSU installed by a previous owner, I also have a 1.4 with a bad video out port that I use as a parts console. I was wondering if there is anywhere I could buy a 1.4 PSU to 1.0 PSU adapter so I can swap the 1.4 PSU in, or if there is a pinout diagram so I can do the pin swap myself. Thanks
  • Xenium ICE modchip
    Hello all. I have a OG Xbox with a Xenium ICE modchip installed. Does it have any special boot up modes like my other Xbox with a Aladdin in it?
  • dexbe 0.7 exists?
    Trying to find a way to patch 720p games to 480p. After research i found that dexbe 0.7 had added resolution select options. But this version is nowhere to found.
  • Patch 720p Half-Life 2
    Hello good evening, can anyone apply a 720p patch for Half-Life 2 For Xbox With 64MB Ram Or 128mb
  • OG Xbox Cases
    Hello All, Recently started to collect OG Xbox games and consoles, and I've come across something interesting, to which no one seems to know the answer. I bought a couple of factory sealed copies of Madden 05 recently on eBay, and noticed something odd about one of the cases... the outer portion where you open the case has two brackets near the center (see images via the links below). Every other game I've picked up at local gaming shops, or online via eBay have not had this case design. The color of case looks spot on relative to the rest of my games, and everything else...
  • XBOX 1.2 won't flash TSOP
    Bought of ebay with error 7 (faulty HDD). Installed Jafar modchip, connected unlocked HDD and locked to it, boots into xdash from previous install with soft mod. Soldered both points on board and even tested with multimeter which confirmed bridged, load up hexen and choose tstop winbond, loads Gentoox and selected HDD flash, soon I hit flash bios console turns off and reboot! Any idea to what's wrong here?



















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